Belly Bars - anyone else love these things??

  1. So I made the mistake of buying a couple of these when I was in A Pea in A Pod the other day, and LOVE them! I gag on my prenatal vitamens, so these are really helpful in getting in some folic acid and a few other important vitamens.

    Anyone else love these? They are kind of spendy, does Costco sell them? has a sale on the boxes of them right now, but still is pricey...
  2. Ooh, the ones in the pink package (I think they call the flavor "Baby Needs Chocolate") are yummy! The other flavors I've tried have been OK but not great. I've been getting them at Whole Foods; they seem to be perpetually on sale at mine, though still not cheap. You should still take your prenatals, though -- maybe try a couple other types to see if you can take them more easily. I wish there were a softgel prenatal; I find the softgels so much easier than giant tablets.
  3. :roflmfao: In the UK a belly bar is what girls would wear in their naval (like a pierceing) ..... i thought this was what you were referring too until i read the thread correctly :yes:
  4. Yeah i have tried them in the pick one and i love them..My 3 year little girl even liked them..They are great!! I haven't seen any at a good price i know they are a little pricey..Let us know if you find any good prices.
  5. My order arrived today - 12 for 22.00 - which comes to 1.83 each which is pretty good. I got a box of the baby loves chocolate, thats my fave.

    ITA about the prenatal vitamins, I havent been able to get them down for a few weeks, but managed to at least get one down each day (the dose is supposed to be 2) The other just wont go down... Why dont they make them in a powder form to mix with OJ or something, they should know pg women have super sensitive gag reflexes!
  6. softgel? have you talked to your dr about duet dha? its 30 tabs and 30 softgels.
  7. Or maybe see if you can find one that's only one tab per day. I take a one a day one because I loathe even just the smell of vitamins. I think it's by Rainbow Light (at my parents' for a few days so can't check), but I got it at Whole Foods. It seems drier and less stinky than a lot of vitamins also.