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  1. I actually bought it already put together. So far she is not that interested in it but I'm sure that will change. She loves new things. Her 5th birthday is November 25th. I actually adopted her the day before her birthday. How cool is that??:biggrin:

  2. Bellis has the smiliest face of any cat I can think of. It's quite obvious just how happy she is. She is perfect.
  3. How wonderful you got Bellis day before her bday I bet that was her best bday ever! Im so happy she is only 5 that means lots of super fun years yet .... I love her happy toes picture - my orange guy used to do that when he was so content :smile:
    Do you know what happened to Bellis' ear Cindi?

  4. Bellis was out on the street for quite a while before she was rescued. They think it must have been an attack or fight with another animal. Poor bitty Bellis. Blind, (and not just blind but with 2 infected eyes that didn't work) out on the street and having to fight other cats/dogs to survive. It breaks my heart to think of what she went through during that time. I am making it up to her as best I can now.And I hope for many more years with her to be able to do so.

  5. Love Bellis! What a cutie..
  6. What a will to survive Bellis has... I often wonder if the cats we save remember or think of their past lives... I firmly believe they know when theyve been saved but I wonder if they ever think back. I feel the same way as you Cindi - my big beautiful orange guy died an awful death this summer that I was there for (thank god, thank god) :cry: his heart failed and he drowned in his own body and I got home from work literally as this started... what a desperate long 20 minutes that was - no vet available and not enough time anyways - I even called my dad to come and put him down and in the end there were 6 people here all crying and useless with no way to help him.
    Anyways - I wanted to save 2 cats and give them good homes... I got 2 girls - one has been either hit by a car or kicked and has extensive trauma as a result - xrays clearly show in the past 7 fully fractured ribs and skull trauma that was significant enough to dsiplace teeth and wrinkle her nose... she has a class 4 heart murmur and needed 5 teeth out - she was super thin and is the cutest little mini cat with 5 huge toes and she is so cute. The other looks like a milk cow and has been abandoned twice - lived in 3 different shelters in the last 4 years. Was adopted 4 months ago by a girl - the girl abandoned her a month later and moved - left her in the apartment with no food - just some water.
    I want to make this up to them and give them a fabulous life - littley is 10 and moo cow is 7 (not their names HAHA) - after Alice gets over her surgery of her teeth and cleaning (just had it 2 days ago) I hope she lives for years so happy and loving life. Right now shes mad at me but shes better than she was 3 days ago. Its my mission to make up for the pieces of sh*t that owned them and left them prior to me :sad: sorry to talk about my guys in Bellis' thread - I just feel the same as you :flowers:

  7. You are such a great cat mom. I do think they sometimes think about what happened before but unlike us they don't usually dwell on the past. Bellis is such a sweet little lap cat I can't imagine she thinks much of her horrible life before. Animals have an amazing ability to get over things humans never could. I am always amazed to hear people treat animals so poorly. What kind of piece of crap would kick and hurt and animal??? Your girls are very lucky you rescued them. I hope you have a VERY long time to spoil them both rotten.

    I am sorry to hear about your orange guy. I have a soft spot for them. I lost an orange guy to fluid around his heart so I know just how you feel. I was at the vet's in no time but it was still not enough to save him. ((((HUGS))))

  8. New and cute Bellis story with the required pics. :p So this morning I walk in and Bellis is on the second to the top bed on the new cat tree. She is pretty far up for a blind girl. I go over and make a big fuss. She starts marching and purring and mreowing at me. Such a sweet girl! I get on the computer and she lays down in that bed looking pretty pleased with herself. About 20 minutes later I hear a tentative meow and look over at Bellis. She is reaching her paw down trying to see what is below her and how far it is. I gave her some time to see if she wanted to jump but in the end mom had to put her down one level. :rolleyes: I told her she was good to jump from there and so she did. I'm sure I will find her up there again and when I do I will again let her choose. I know one day she will be going up and down with ease. She will overcome this obstacle just as she has all the others. I love my girl to bits. :love: The pic where she is at the edge of the bed is where she was marching and mrowing at me. You can see how thrilled Maggie is with Bellis' accomplishment. LOL
    bellytop.jpg belltree.jpg

  9. Oh, look at her she is such a smart kitteh! Bellis is so brave - I am always astonished at my blind Bear, he finds the highest places to nap in, no idea how to get down though, I hear his thin, reedy voice calling for assistance and I'm there in seconds. Bellis is a miracle. This thread makes me so happy!
  10. I wonder if all blind cats are this brave. Bellis has conquered the cat tree. Last night I walked in and she was in her upper bed there again. I didn't want to go to bed and leave her there if she still wasn't absolutely sure of how to get down. I grabbed her jingle feathers and shook them for her. She jumped right from that bed to the floor and raced over to get the feathers. No hesitation. This morning I found her there again and again she jumped down to play feathers. Now I just want to see exactly how she gets up there. LOL That girl amazes me every day.


  11. Oh, Bellis you are so brave. :biggrin: I built a kitty condo a few weeks ago and Bear won't go near it! He says the top of the sofa, the kitchen work top and the bathroom sink are quite high enough for him, thank you very much :p It's amazing that she got all the way to the top and back again without you having to lift her. Go, Bellis!
  12. Give Bear some time. Bellis wouldn't go near the new cat tree for the first week. So far she has only made it to the second highest bed, not yet at the top. But I know that will soon change. She was standing in the middle bed bumping the top bed with her head. I guess checking to see how far above her it is. She will get there I'm sure of it.

    Overall Bellis doesn't like it when I pick her up. I think because she does not know exactly where she is when I put her down. There are areas where I can put her down and she knows where she is very quickly, Monkey Sock Bed, Her reading chair. Does Bear mind if you pick him up and move him? The only time Bellis doesn't mind is when I am getting ready to vacuum. I will put her in Sock Monkey bed on top of my daybed. She feels safe from the horrible Vacuum Monster up there. :p

  13. awww lokk how cute she is!

    I love Bellis and your stories about your days 2gether!

    Thanks for sharing
  14. I'm like you - I only pick the Bear up if I can see he is struggling with something or to protect him from the Vacuum Monster..... he is fine about this (although kind of rigid in my arms and I am pretty sure it wouldn't be top of his 'favourite things' list lol), and I always put him somewhere he knows - with Bear it is the sofa or the pillow on my bed (he sleeps with his whole body curled around my head :biggrin: ). What is Sock Monkey Bed? Bear wants to know if he needs one!
  15. Sock Monkey bed is her favorite bed on my daybed, obviously shaped like a sock monkey. :p I found it at a CVS for $10. I will have to take a pic for you.