Bellevue PM Vs. Reade PM

  1. When i saw the Reade PM online and then saw it IRL.. i was shocked by its size.. too small !! I havent seen the Bellevue PM IRL yet.. is it the same size or what?
  2. Not sure as I haven't seen the Bellevue in person yet.. but I have owned the Reade PM and I thought it was the most useless little bag.. lol (It is so cute though)
    Needless to say, I sold it.
  3. The Bellevue PM is much bigger. I would say you can fit the same amount of stuff in a Speedy 25 as you can in the Bellevue PM.
  4. i have the Bellevue PM and it's not that small. it's like the same size as the Damier Saleya MM, but the Bellevue has a bigger and kinda triangular base. it's a handheld and the base really bothers me a lot.

    i'm having second thoughts about my Pomme Bellevue, i think i may have to return and exchange it for a Pomme Roxbury Drive. don't know yet, i'm still confused. but one thing's for sure, i didn't fell in love with the Bellevue PM when i got it (unlike my other LV bags).
  5. the Bellevue PM is *much* bigger than the Reade PM (i've seen both in person). Plus, the Bellevue has a zipper top (Reade is open top). That being said, however, I'm not so keen on the shape of the Bellevue...I like the shape of the Reade a lot more.

    to rank the size of the mentioned vernis bags (from smallest to largest, in terms of how much each bag can hold),

    1. Roxbury Drive
    2. Reade PM
    3. Bellevue PM

    The Reade IS small but it can hold more than a Roxbury, as it has a boxy shape (the Roxbury is quite thin).
  6. I prefer the Bellevue, it a good size plus has a top zipper.

  7. If there is no spark :heart:, you need to exchange it for something you really love!