Bellevue owners: what do you love/hate about it?

  1. This bag has been on my mind for weeks but I would love to hear from experienced owners what you like or don't like about the bag. I'm considering both the smaller and larger one - can't decide. Thanks!
  2. i recently purchased the bellevue gm in amarante...i love it coz it's really roomy...length of straps is just right..not too long...not too's a great city fits all ur essentials...and more....:yahoo:
  3. oooh yes - amarante is exactly what I had in mind. That bag is beautiful, thanks for sharing!
  4. I just got the pm in pomme (see avatar)...I haven't used it much but I love how wide it opens, that it has a zipper and that it's stunning :love: The shape takes a bit of getting used to when carrying. The pm is handheld only...straps are too small for over the shoulder.
  5. I love this bag.....saw it IRL tonight and it's nice!!
  6. I saw the amarante Bellevue GM when it was first released and it literally took my breath away. It was so gorgeous and so roomy!!! It fit nicely on my shoulders, too. I already have the amarante Summit Drive, otherwise, I would have wanted to take the Bellevue GM home!

    Also saw the violette (GM and PM) --- another gorgeous color, but the Bellevue in the amarante seemed to have more pop to it.
  7. I had the Violette Bellevue PM for a short time.

    Pretty Violette color!
    Very Roomy
    Zippered top
    Cell phone pocket

    Bottom was too wide- looks awkward carrying it in the crook of my arm
    Didn't like the straps. Prefer rolled-handles as they are more comfy.
    Too big for a hand-held bag IMO
  8. I have it in violette (PM size) and i love the spaciousness of it. I can shoulder carry it as well though i hand-carry it mostly:yes: .. nothing much of a dislike..handy carefree bag.
  9. I bought the bellevue GM in Amarante and I love the size of it and the color...I get many compliments when I use it!
  10. I think the PM size in Pomme is very nice :smile: but not sure about the GM.

    PS: Great price too.
  11. Thats one beauty you got .. the color is divine!!
  12. I got the small size PM, love the size coz it's roomy and love the color. But wish the handels are longer:love:.

  13. Hmmm...where do you live? Cuz I'm coming to take her home with me!!!!:woohoo:
    LOL ...this is exactly the bag I would choose from the Bellevue line :tup:

    Side bar --- does Vernis leather scratch/wear easily?
  14. I like the GM more. THe base is too wide on the PM imo, but is alright on the GM.

    I didn't buy the GM cuz it doesn't fit in my books properly for school cuz the length near the base is too short (my folder's like...12 inches?.... so the length here is probably 10, and I don't want to put my folder up vertically with the top sticking out of the bag...). Instead I got the Hampstead MM because I also prefer alcantara lining more than cotton canvas.

  15. It's pretty durable actually. The only thing you have to be careful of is color transfer from other leathers, ink from magazines etc. If you get the amarante though it shouldn't really have a problem with that.