Bellevue GM or Alma in Amarante... Please help me decide!!!

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  1. #1 Jan 20, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 20, 2009
    Hey fellow TPFers! I need a new baby to add to my ever growing collection and can't decide between the Bellevue GM in Amarante or the Alma GM in the same colour :confused1: . Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.
    TIA :heart:
  2. I really love the Alma I think it is gorgeous, so I vote for the Alma!
  3. Yay! Thanks for your input Corie. It's such a tough decision. I wish I could see more pics of members carrying them to see what they actually look like.


    Keep the votes coming guys! :nuts:
  4. my vote goes for....

  5. mine too. im not a fan of the bellevue at all. IMHO its an awkward design.
  6. Alma for sure.
  7. Definitely Alma!
  8. Alma! It's such a stunning bag :smile:
  9. definitely ALMA! such a gorgeous bag
  10. Alma in Amarante gets my vote - it's a gorgeous bag! You can't go wrong with it.
  11. I've always thought the Alma was such a perfect styled bag, i don't know why i never got this bag but i certainly love looking at it. Also, there's lots of people here that seem to like the Alma too...would it be that much of a coincidence that we all like this bag over the Bellevue? Alma it is!
  12. Alma definitely!! If it were up to me, the Summit Drive would be in the running too!
  13. I say the Bellevue, it looks so young and fresh, I don´t know why when I see the alma I think of my grandma....take no offense alma lovers, but I find that the style (doesn´t matter how bright they are making the vernis colors now) looks "too old lady" to me. Plus, the Bellevue is cheaper (at least here in Europe) and you can buy with the extra money a nice Eva Pochette or a vernis accesoire for your bag.
  14. I vote for Bellevue GM~



  15. Thank you all for your input!! :smile: It seems like so far, most of you like the Alma GM over the Bellevue GM. With the Alma you can't go wrong, but the Bellevue is young and fresh :flowers:

    Thanks for the pic baglady2006! That certainly is quite a bag :yes:

    Hey beljwl! Thanks for the pic :tup: That Alma looks impressive. Is that one the MM or GM?

    I'd love to hear from more of you before I make the trip to LV :graucho: