Belles du Mexique - Sepia

  1. Also available now on

    I love the cream colourway ....
    Belles du Mexique Sepia.jpg
  2. It´s very elegant
  3. YES!!!!!! will wear this colorway ALL THE TIME!!!!! Isn't it TDF?????
  4. Love it! I have this in the plisse, and I wear it a LOT.
  5. I bought Les Belles in plisse in the red colorway and it is fabulous! Have to take a pic and post it! Of course, it would help if I put a battery in the camera:upsidedown:

    I haven't seen your colors at the boutique yet MrsS. Boy, will that look great with the etoupe Lindy!
  6. This is my favourite colourway.
  7. very nice
  8. Very lovely MrsS.
  9. I have the pic right here GK ( of the red), This is currently my favorite scarf! So bright and cheerful!
  10. it's so pretty! a real work of art!
  11. What a beauty!
  12. So gorgeous!!! :yahoo:
  13. i just couldn't get around the fact that this scarf looks like a collection of boobs. but then i looked at the tied pic and immediately got over it! now the hard part is deciding which color to get . . . .

  14. MrsS, it's beautiful! I saw it on the French site.....

    How would this go with Etoupe?
  15. Wow, I have this in pink. it is a great print. I love the sepia