Belle's Babes...

  1. Ok ladies and gents, I am finally ready to post my "collection." It's pretty small as I just found tpf in march along with my addiction. I will definately continue to add more in my future, enjoy!:yahoo:

    My CC's: cerf tote, vinyl cabas, and timeless petite shopper in g/h.

    My Navy '05 first

    My first "big" designer purchase, speedy 25

    My Coach legacy satchel I won in a radio contest
  2. awesome collection!!!:yes:
  3. I really REALLY like your collection. I like how it's diverse, fun, yet really practical and timeless. This is how I want my purse collection to look like eventually. Everyone item that is something I can love and use.
  4. a few more, here's my workhorse ellen tracy tote:

    My beach bag, juicy daydreamer:

    My cousin cleaned out her closet and gave me this vernis but I still haven't used her:
  5. Thanks for looking!~:heart:
  6. congrats, I love them!!!
  7. Love the bbag
  8. great collection! love that navy bbag and your vernis. use the vernis before it loses color!
  9. I love your Chanels. Especially the Vinyl one. :smile:
  10. Great collection-
  11. Beautiful collection - I adore your Chanels!
  12. thanks!!
  13. Love your collection, Sheanabelle!:love: Every single piece is just beautiful!!:heart: Congrats!!:yahoo:
  14. Nice collection! I love your Chanels!
  15. Wow, gorgeous collection! I love 'em all. :heart:
    My first designer purchase was mono speedy too!