Belle the Cocker Spaniel gives birth!!

  1. So I've been meaning to post this... but have had ZERO time to post on tPF due to school and work. :sad:

    My sister's Cocker Spaniel, Belle, had her puppies last Tuesday, July 10, 2007. She had 9 puppies in total: 7 dark haired and 2 blonde haired; 3 girls and 6 boys. The mom named Belle is a blonde Cocker and the father is a chocolate Cocker named Buster. What's awesome is that my sis is due at the end of this month. :yahoo:

    Without further adieu... here are the pics... I can't wait to see them in 2 weeks when I go on a mini vacation to DC!




  2. Awww they loook sooo cute John!! esp the first one with the pups lying next to MOm...

  3. AWwwww they are ADORABLE!!! I love love love cockers :heart: I want one :p
  4. Awwww...Belle & her babies are sooooooo adorable!!! :heart: Congrats to your sis (and you the Uncle-to-be), too! :yes:
  5. Awwwwe, how darling!
  6. So cute!!!
  7. they're so cute! i would love to cuddle them!
  8. Awww sweet lil things!
  9. Oh my goodness! 9 puppies, she must be so tired! What awesome pictures, John. Thank you for sharing.
  10. cute pics and look at that shine on their coat! Wow
  11. Look at that gorgeous little family!

    gees, your sis is gonna sure have her hands full with puppies and a baby!

    congrats on all of them!

    Keep those pictures coming. I would love to see how they grow!:heart:
  12. How awesome John!! Awww, I want a baby brother or sister puppy for my Daphne. I wish your sister lived here in Texas. :p Cocker Spaniels are the best!
  13. I want to get a playmate for Froggles Aiden! :p

    I will definitely take pics when I go visit them in two weeks. *counts down the days*
  14. What cuties!
  15. so cuteeeeeeee!