Belle shoulderbag

  1. Hi everyone,

    Does anyone have a Belle? I quite like the look of them (on the website), as I could do with a small shoulderbag for when I don't need to carry loads of stuff with me (and I have a bad back!) but I'm wondering if the Belle is just a bit too dinky to be useful. I haven't seen one in real life.

    Hmmm....please let me know! The chocolate natural leather one is really catching my eye!

    Thanks :smile:

    Toni xx
  2. Please? Anyone? I'd only need it for occasional use, but am worried that it would be too dinky to be useful even for that....

    *money burning hole in pocket*
  3. Sorry never seen one IRL but plan on going to Mulberry store in London on Friday so could take a look then for you if you don't spontaneously combust in the meantime!:nuts:
  4. I haven't seen it IRL but have measured it out on a bit of paper and it seems tiny.

    I wasn't planning on buying it - I was trying to work out if the strap was long enough to order as a shoulder strap for my Emmy but I think that it's probably a similar length to the current straps. So the search goes on.... :lol:
  5. Thanks, both of you! I'm actually in London myself, but I have to stay in until new years as I'm hosting a party and my flat is an absolute shambles so I'm trying to blitz it into some sort of presentable state! :shame:

    If I manage to finish before midday on the 31st I will pop along to the Mulberry store to see if they have any Belles....though I am soooo tempted, I've measured it out myself and it does seem very wickle, but I'd just want it for occasions when I just need a purse and some keys with me so hopefully it'd be fine for that. I don't want it to look like a silly dinky little purse on a strap type thing though.

    I love the bigger bags but seriously, I can't carry much without my back causing problems and my East-West Bayswater feels about as heavy as I can manage!

    I'll report back if my willpower dips and I end up ordering one anyway (I guess I could always send it back if it does seem too small in the flesh!)

    Toni xx
  6. I have seen them and they are really cute - but tiny, so it's not an every day bag unless you also carry another bag (like a briefcase or similar). But as a small evening bag for dinner out, or going to a party, it's very pretty! My SA told me they don't sell many of those, most customers find them too small, so you migt be able to score one on sale for a good price!
  7. Well I ""pushed the feckit button" and ordered the Belle, in chocolate :smile:

    I've had a page open on the Mulberry site for the past couple of days, perving over the bag, and I figured that I may as well go for it - I can always send it back if I really don't like it when it arrives! I have a lot of big bags but nothing smart and little like this, so I think it'll come in handy.

    Tsk, a couple of weeks ago I didn't have any Mulberry I have two! :yahoo:
  8. The belle is quite small, but it is a nice bag. If you find it too small, the patty is the slightly larger version.
  9. Hope you like it when it arrives:p
  10. Do you have the same feckit button as me?? lol !!!!!!!!!!:roflmfao::nuts:
  11. Choco sounds beautiful - I'm sure you'll love it!
  12. Hey girls! The Belle just arrived, and I am REALLY pleased with it :nuts: It's a lovely little thing, and not as tiny as I'd imagined. It will easily take my purse and some keys and a few other little bits and pieces, so it's perfect if my back's killing and I don't want to carry a big bag around with me. The chocolate leather is beautiful - I can understand why so many girls here love their choccy bags!

    So now I have two lovely Mulberry bags! And I've just arranged to take a trip to the Cheshire Oaks outlet in a couple of weeks time....this forum is such a bad influence :lol:
  13. Glad you're pleased with it!!! I'm a sucker for choco leather!
  14. Fab news goldfinch - really glad you like your bag :woohoo: Love a happy ending :tup:

    Would love to see pics if you get the chance....
  15. Oh, sounds great, goldfinch! Glad you like your new baby!
    I would love to see pics too :flowers: