belle de jour clutch question

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  1. Hello ladies,

    Im am in love with this belle de jour clutch and am looking to purchase one . Can this clutch be used for day time? or is it too dressy for the day?
  2. depends on color I guess

    did you try to attach a photo?
  3. I have the BDJ clutch (in purple crackled leather) and I think it can definitely be used as a day clutch if that suits you. Mine is the large, about 11" wide I think, and it holds a ton for a clutch. I can fit my small wallet, iPhone, compact/lipstick, keys, etc.

  4. Here is a modeling pic

  5. Thanks so much for the input and the color of your clutch is beautiful:smile:
  6. I have a navy patent bdj and I definitely use it for day - it's almost oversize and so that ups the casual factor to my mind, I love it for day use.
  7. The wonderful thing about YSL bags is the bags can be used dressed up or dressed down. So effortless and stylish.