bellauxe, is it for real


Nov 9, 2005
I clicked on one of the ads by goooooogle that run above the topic section and one of them was bellaluxe boutique. I went there and they are selling Chloe for $1000. and the LV manhat PM for $840. I called LV and they said the only authorized seller of LV is LV and Anyone have any knowledge of this internet only store? thanks, I think I want that LV
Are you referring to If so I've found them to be excellent. The shipping costs are higher than other stores but the items comes quickly, beautifully packed and the are authentic. You can call 24 hours a day or have real time chats if you have questions. There is no fee to return items and you have 60 days (I think) for the return. I've never had to return anything. I've purchased all of my LV from them as well as perfume and toiletries. I don't know anything about the other boutique you mentioned.
I just went to the bellaluxe boutique site and they request a 20% restocking fee for any returned merchandise....I would be leary of ordering from them with that stipulation.
If you're looking to buy LV, is the only authorized online seller. For those prices, I'd want to be darn sure it's authentic, and would stick to for LV.