BellaShoes ~*Passione di s per Louboutin*~ A Collection Thread 2011


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Oct 14, 2007
Beside someone who loves me...
On February 15th, 2009... my first collection thread emerged. The passion began with the leopard Pigalle 120mm... I have welcomed up to 42 at the pinnacle, I remember every single purchase and the story behind them.

It is now November 18th 2011... closing on three years. My collection has changed over the years, only a few of the original remain. Some came and went so quickly, the photos never even surfaced.

My heart is filled with joy when I think about two purchases which initiated friendships that remain to be some of my closest today...

The thrill of finding thee shoe... in my size... and hearing the truck pull up is something only you (yes, you ;)) can truly understand.. it is not materialism.. it is not conspicuous consumption (well, maybe).. what it is, simply, is the way a special shoe can make you feel.. regardless of what is happening around you... it is the fire inside, a fabulous shoe has the power to ignite.

All in all, it has been a fabulous journey and it continues to evolve with each new day but one thing remains the same... I feel my sexiest, my most confident when I am wearing my Louboutin heels... gliding as if on air, with my husband by my side.

Where it all began:

And where I am today... Passione di s per Louboutin...

*pics to follow tomorrow*

Until then, may your dreams be filled with glitter and glam :kiss:


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May 16, 2009
^ I second this will be fun, but Bella what a tease, I know you have some good ones coming for us!