BellaShoes... a story of shoes and bags!

  1. Bella,

    So chic!

    That tunic is absolutely gorgeous on you! :hbeat:
  2. Thank you Jonathan!!!! You are always so sweet ;)
  3. Aqua Tunic
    Enza Costa Maxi
    Cole Haan Catalina sandals
    Large PS1 (Proenza Schouler) Neon Coral
  4. Gorgeous! :hbeat:

    Love the pop of color from the Proenza Schouler!
  5. Thank you Jonathan! I just picked up the Bright Yellow Givenchy Shopper (seen on the fabulous Sofia Vergara)... what do you think?
  6. Gorgeous!

    Looking forward to see what fab outfits you'll pair it with! ;)
  7. Love it...Geee YOU look like her:coolio:
  8. Looking great Bella!! And love the new additions too!
  9. Gorgeous collection of Bal Bags!