Bella's photo with Santa

  1. We took Bella to the mall tonight to get a pic with santa. Thought I would share..
    2007 SANTA.jpg
  2. That is absolutely ADORABLE! :heart::yes:
  3. Awww... It looks like Santa likes her too!
  4. That is too cute! Thanks for sharing!
  5. sooooo CUTE!!
  6. I LOVVVVVVVE it! :smile:
  7. Oh my goodness she looks sooooo cute!
  8. That is SO cute!!!! I get so jealous of these pet holiday photos because my dog would NEVER be able to sit still, especially on some unknown old guy's lap. :shame:
  9. Thanks everyone!

    You own a Min Pin, you can take pride in the fact that your dog is loyal only to you...and maybe your family (they are ussually a 1 person dog). My girl will go with anyone who will feed her:rolleyes::push::p
  10. so cute!
  11. Adorable!
  12. Super Cute!!![​IMG]
  13. Cute picture!!
  14. So cute!
  15. aww adorable!! im taking oliver next week..i hope he doesnt bite santa!! he actually seems to hate strangers :shrugs: