Bella's Birthday Wish...

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  1. Buon Giorno from Italia!
    Ladies... I am with my hubby in Italy for my birthday and am anxiously awaiting our trip to Milan.
    However, I need a lovely CL angel to help guide the way.. I cannot access the CL website with a flash player and I know in the shopping reference there are references to shops in Italy who carry CL..
    I would love a PM sharing which shops in Milan carry CL... Any help will be greatly appreciated!

    Sending kisses from Italia!
  2. Happy Birthday Bella!!! Here you go!


    Corso Como 10


    Via Ponte Vetero 1

    Ph: +39 02 869 02 16


    Via Della Spiga 4

    Ph: +39 02 760 03 186
  3. Happy Birthday lovely Bella!
  4. Happy bday Bella!!! Let us know if you score something in Milan!
  5. Happy Birthday Bella :balloon::Partyhat:
  6. Happy birthday Bella! I hope you have a wonderful time!
  7. Happy birthday, bella Bella! :amuse:

    Hope your trip is lovely! I can't wait to hear once you get back.
  8. :Partyhat:Happy Birthday Bella!:Partyhat: Italy *sigh* my dream trip. Hopeing to go within the next few years. Have a wonderful time!
  9. Happy birthday! :party:
  10. Bella- I hope all your birthday wishes come true;) Can't wait to see what you bring back
  11. Happy Birthday Bella! Wishing you a wonderful day and may your CL birthday wishes come true.
  12. Happy Birthday Bella..
  13. Happy Birthday my friend and enjoy!

    Vendrazi and I are having lunch and shopping today ... you are with us in spirit!
  14. Travel safely, bella and have a fabulous time! Happy Birthday! :Partyhat:
  15. Happy Bday Bella! Have a safe and fruitful trip! :flowers: