Bellacherie's newest *controversial* paddington...

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  1. At first I thought the tweed/jacquard paddington was hideous and 'yuck', but I've come around to thinking it's a rather cute winter bag. I've always loved the Chanel tweed bags (slightly out of my price range) and thought this would be a nice compromise... plus I'm a big impulse purchaser... most of you already knew that tho!


  2. Oooh I like that! I'm currently carrying a great plaid MBMJ bag I bought myself as a self-gift at Xmas. At the time I wasn't sure about the popularity of plaid bags but I just loved the bag. That pic of yours is making me feel slightly wistful about the black Paddington I sold a few years ago because it was too heavy. Lovely bag and super choice.
  3. ooh controversial is a good word!

    I am not sold on it 100%...but I think if I saw it IRL I might feel differently?

    Is it lighter than the leather ones?
  4. I really LIKE the tweed/leather combo, the textures are lovely together
  5. hello stranger!!

    love it, think it would look good with wintery clothes!
  6. I think it's really pretty and refreshing! Nice choice, very versatile IMO. :nuts:
  7. I sort of like it- am assuming it is lighter than a regular Paddy, and is warm and quite tactile! Have never seen this bag before, but would imagine it would fit quite happily in my winter wardrobe. :smile:
  8. Wow :nuts:...lovely :nuts:...congrats!
  9. I like this! It's cute!
  10. Congrat's I'm all for anything that can make a paddy more lightweight. Have fun using her!
  11. Gorgeous! I LOVE it!! Congrats!
  12. Cute bag, I think it could be very versatile (and light).
  13. gorgeous!!! congrats!!
  14. chic bag,color matches well,congrats!!
  15. COngrats, bella... i think it's cute.. what colour is the leather? looks darken than muscade!