bella vs. bella bella - help!

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  1. i only have 4 bags in my small tokidoki family - paradiso gioco, foresta ciao ciao, l'amore stellina and camo playground black bella that's in the mail. i recently saw one of those bella bags, but i'm not sure what the difference between them are. is one an armpit bag? plus lesportsac site doesn't have the bella bella available, so where would i find one?
  2. ahh I don't know how to describe the difference except that the bella bella is longer than the bella. maybe it's also taller? I actually never compared my 2 bags.

    If you want a bella bella .. you can still get an orginal print one from the Waikele LeSportsac in Hawaii.
  3. i read they only accept money orders? plus i already bought 2 bags this month when i'm supposed to buy 1/month. i would :heart: one with the meomi qee too! :crybaby:
  4. Yes, the Waikele Lesportsac only accepts money orders...unless you can get a Hawaii girl to do a CP for you. Sorry, I can't because I still do not have a car :sad:

    I'll post up a pic of a bella and a pic of a bella bella, that way you can see. But, I don't own a bella bella, so I can't put it next to a bella, sorry. I just have them separate.

    In my opinion the bella is not an armpit bag. The bambino, now that's an armpit bag.

    First pic, bella.
    Second pic, bella bella.
    Third pic, Gioco in comparison with bellas.
    DSC00813.jpg DSC00803.jpg DSC00891 copy.jpg
  5. I agree, the bella isn't an armpit bag. It hangs a little. The bella bella hangs a lot lower, in my opinion, and I love it. I don't have a side-by-side comparison and can't do one right now because I'm currently brushing my teeth and getting ready for work. Hehe. If no one else posts a comparison, I'll try to do one soon.
  6. JessakaMitz: :love: :love: i LOVE ur bags! awesome collection! thx for the pics.

    maya_exquisite: if u can post the comparison pics, that'd be great! thx!

    i just ordered the bella from SH outlet and immediately started to worry bc in some pics the strap looks real short. i hope i made the right decision, i'm such an impulse shopper.
  7. ecny - you'll be fine :yes:
  8. thx for the reassurance TokidokiAngel! i can't wait for it to get here!
  9. I agree with Maya, the bella is not an armpit bag..well at least for me, I had a lot of room when I tried it on... but I can tell you the dolce is an armpit bag :lol:
  10. Here's a comparison picture... It's not excellent, but it was hard getting a good shot with flat bags on a wall with my bf holding them. Haha.
  11. Great comparison picture :smile:. I'm glad you put it up...I hope my friend comes back from HI with one. It makes the reg. bella look small. I really love my spiaggia zucca. Looks like everything I can fit in my zucca will fit in the bella bella. :yes:

  12. hahaha that's what i call putting a bf to use :smile: i wish they didn't stop making the bella bellas...
  13. Yeah, I would definitely buy more bella bella's if they still made them!! I would loooooooove a bella bella in Tutti!!!
  14. i would have loved the bella bella in foresta! :biggrin:
  15. thx for the comparison pics! that's a great bf! if i asked my husband, i'd hear "are u kidding me? do it yourself" :nogood: