Bella Italia - My trip to Hermès Milan this weekend!

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  1. Well, I went to Milan yesterday for shopping and of course visited the Hermès boutique! I love the smell of Hermès boutiques, makes me feel right at home LOL! :yes:

    I was able to take some snapshots of the window and secretly took photos of the inside of the shop (shhh!) :ninja:. I'll post them on my blog for my Tuesday update. Oh, it was also funny that there were a couple of Kellys in the shop but had a sign, "For display only!" :true:.

    Anyway, I didn't see a lot of Italians carrying Birkins but I did spot one lady at the Prada shop carrying a 30cm ostrich in what looked like potiron (dark orange). It had palladium hardware, though personally, I thought it would have looked warmer and better with gold hardware.

    Keep posted for Tuesday!

    Oh, by the way, I posted my closet at the thread on "Your Bag Showcase" if anyone is interested:
  2. Can't wait to see the pics LaVan! Thank you for sharing!!! And BTW, your closet is amazing! And I am seriously drooling over your Biedermeier pieces- just gorgeous!
  3. La Van your closet is TDF!!!! Wow!!! Our new place has the tiniest walk in closet and DH took 3/4ths of it for his suits. :lol: But I staked out the under the stairs closet for my bags. ;)
  4. sounds like a wonderful visit (as always!) can't wait to see the pics on tuesday!
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    Cant wait till tuesday!!!! May be you can tell me is a 28' fushia kelly in cherve too small for someone who is 5ft9 ? I know you love yours but yours is bigger!!!
  6. Just checked out your blog and your closet, are you back from Europe yet? I'm glad you had so much fun in Paris, I did too when I was there. Thanks for all the beautiful pictures of the Paris store windows, I don't get why they make such unique and beautiful bags for the window and don't sell it to people at all....
  7. she is living in europe ;)
    and yes about the display bags it freaks me out since years :rant:
  8. Thanks everyone!

    birkingirl - It really depends on your taste. I think both the 28cm and 32cm would just look great on tall people. Koukanamiya is tall and she loves the 28cm.

    whispa777 - I live in Europe as lilach said. I did have a great time in Paris!

    lilach - Yeah, it's really weird how they have the sign "Display Only" especially since the bags were inside the shop. It's actually the first time I ever saw that sign.
  9. Love the Kelly in 28cm ... It's great in rigide if you're tall because rigide makes it look bigger. I also like Kelly 32cm but in souple, while rigide 32cm looks good on most people, on me it looks out of place.

    Ok ok, must get ready and go ... must go to Hermes ...
  10. LaVan! That dressing room! I'm seriously drooling over here in my small house with the one tiny bedroom closet that's stuffed to the gills and spilling out! And this is AFTER I weeded it all out and kept only the good stuff that I love!!!! YIKES!
  11. Thanks shopmom! Today, while I was cleaning, I just got rid of 6 pairs of shoes that I don't use anymore or hurt my feet to death.
  12. La Van your dressing room :love: :love: . Beautiful bags (of course) and great, great shoes!! Did you buy your Louboutins all in Paris or is there a retailer in Basel?
  13. maybe they're SO for other customers who are currently away on holiday?:shrugs: i know that some boutiques do this... personally, it would P-I-S-S me off!:rant:
  14. Thanks!

    I bought all the Louboutins in the shop in Paris ... except one at the Louboutin shop in London.

    So far, I don't know of any retailer in Basel. The boutique Charivari in Zürich, Geneva and Lausanne sells them but I never got a chance to visit.
  15. I have visited Charivari in Zürich a couple of weeks ago. They had just 4-5 different Louboutin models available, so not that much of a choice.

    BTW I also noticed that Hermès is not that big in Italy, maybe because when it comes to fashion - and sometimes in football as well..- they are in competition with the french ?
    What are the bags (brands) the italians are wearing right now? I did not go to Milano for quite some time now and have no idea what is "hot" right now.