"Bella"- Has anyone seen this movie?

  1. http://www.bellathemovie.com/site/index.html?efgz=4437sQ#

    I would love to know if you have and what you thought of it.

    Also, if you have seen it...would it be good for young children? What age range would you say is the most appropriate?
  2. It's a lovely, romantic movie with beautiful camera work...a story about real family love and life. Deserves a lot more notice than it's received. However, due to a certain scene (auto accident) it would probably not be best for children under 13. (Gave me the same sort of reaction as that train scene in Fried Green Tomatoes--hard to watch, although no gratuitous stuff.) Just an awesome story, though--a must see movie:tup:!

    BTW--someone please tell me what that handbag the star Tammy Blanchard is carrying throughout the movie!!!

  3. I am dying to see this movie!! I have 4 small kiddos, so movies have become a rare occurance. There are so many great stories attached to the making of this film. I have heard so many great things about this film.
  4. Hi BorsaBella--I know your post was in December, but I just came back here. Not trying to make too much of that one scene--it *is* pivotal and necessary, but doesn't last long--you might want to see the movie first before your kids so you can decide whether they can handle it. Definitely a must-see movie! I just wish it had been more widely publicized.:tup: