Bella from eBay damaged and not NWT!! Advice please.

  1. So I bought a black bella of of eBay (with the original print inside). The bag was advertised as New With Tags. However, as you will see from these pics, it was NOT new. One of the green rivets is missing and in its place the seller put some other rivet in.




    Ugh it looks even worse IRL. This was not disclosed to me and as I look back at the auction pics I see that they used the price tag to conceal this silver rivet in each shot.

    I've never filed a complaint on eBay before or encountered anything like this. Do I email the seller through eBay ask her to explain herself and ask for a refund? Please help :crybaby:
  2. Did you buy this bag through eBay or did you complete your transaction outside eBay?
  3. I bought it through eBay as a BIN :sad:
  4. Good to know. Phew! Ok, here's what you should do.

    First and foremost, contact the seller with your concern, especially the ugly silver replacement rivet. Let them know that this is not ACCEPTABLE and the item received is significantly not as described. I look through closed auction on eBay and figured out which bag that was.

    Yes, the seller is very sneaky! The tags were placed in such a way that you don't even see the ugly silver rivet.

    If you choose not to keep this bag, ask for a refund.

    Plus : This is the same seller of the Original Mamma - wonder how that sale went ....

    If the seller is unresponsive, you can file with Paypal for SNAD on day 10th. Yes, it sucks but you can only file after, not before.

    Escalate the claim immediately to a dispute and seller will most likely request that you return the bag with your own money. I know it sucks but that's how it is. That's the reason why I prefer to work things out with the seller first and ask for shipping reimbursement.
  5. yeah i got the pirata zucca a few weeks ago and it was supposed to be brand new without tags. yeah well there were pen stains inside and numerous black marks on the outside that i couldn't get out after two hours of rubbing with a magic eraser. i went out specifically to get one for the bag. pissed me off. the thing is, i was at work when the auction ended so one of my friends bid for me and yeah.. it would've been a big hassle. i just wish i could've given that jerk negative feedback or at least had a chance to return it cuz the next pirata zucca on ebay ended about 40-50 bucks cheaper than mine and THAT one was brand new WITH tags. argh. anger.
  6. Hmmm..why didn't you contact seller and ask for an explanation? You can always return the bag or ask for a partial refund. Do not allow dubious seller to take advantage of you ...
  7. Thank you pinkpeony. I'll contact the seller now. Yah ... I didn't think someone would be sneaky enough to use a price tag to cover up stuff ... I'm disappointed.

    I forgot who won the original mama .. was it vamsterz? Well whoever won it ... I hope they have a better experience with this seller than I did.
  8. Maybe you can post the sellers name so we know who to avoid when purchasing on ebay- yeah but contact them and ask for a refund or partial refund.
  9. I believe it was snapcat.
  10. sorry but do i open a dispute or just contact the seller?

    oh and the seller was mavik7764. Sorry mods, I don't know if we're supposed to post the bad sellers too but this was a misrepresentation of the item and I want people to be careful.
  11. ok .. I emailed the seller and told her that the item was not new as described (of course she already knows that probably) and described the faulty rivet. I asked for a refund of the purchase price plus shipping. I said that in return I'd ship the item back to her.

    The thing is, do the sellers not refund you anything until they receive the bag back? Because then how will I ensure I get refunded the proper amount?
  12. Tokidokiangel - I am sorry to hear that happened.:crybaby: My suggestion is to start just by contacting the seller. You can always open a dispute if they aren't cooperative, but you may be able to resolve the issue better and faster by contacting them first before taking the next step. Good Luck!:smile:
  13. ah okay! Thanks angelic*ruin!
  14. ah well good luck to snapcat! I hope her purse is in better shape. oh and I misspelled the seller's name. It's mavic7764.
  15. :tdown:EEK! Are you serious? I haven't recieved my bag yet... It says new without tags so I wonder if that means I should be scared? For the amount I over paid it better be new looking without tags!!:cry: