Bella Bella?

  1. i was considering ordering a bella bella from the hawaii outlet.. do you guys know what the original price was? also if anyone has pics of themselves wearing the bb that would be awesome!!
  2. The original price was I think $148 but in hawaii its like $164 or something...(they have an upcharge on all their stuff there) I bought one from there, at the time it was 30% off, so it cost me $142 and that included shipping.
    That was about 3 or 4 weeks ago...I love it, ITS BEAUTIFUL!!! Great shape & size of a bag. looks like a half moon hanging under your arm.
  3. I just received my bella bella playground yesterday and it is a nice size hobo and nice strap drop length. Much better than the bella. I think you will be pleased.
  4. Well...I meant to say crescent moon! If it was stuffed full more like a half moon ! ha!
  5. haha thanks for the info guys! im debating.. why does toki have to be so obsessive!! ahh..:noggin:
  6. Not to sway, but honestly if its just the style you're wondering about and not the print...GO FOR IT!!!! I haven't read one complaint from anyone about not liking the Bella Bella. Well, I think one or two thought it might be too big (but I don't think they had seen one in person) I am not a big bag person and I don't think its big. It's medium. I think the bella appears to be very small but others seem to like it. Seems like they're always for sale!
  7. Bella bella is a great bag. They are a great size and shape. Go for it! I wouldnt wait to long to order as the Hawaii Outlet is the only one with original print items. You have to send them a money order and its sorta time consuming.
  8. I know I'm probably going to get the bella bella... but I had another ? and I want your opinon... should I get an original andiamo or should I wait for another print since I'm not sure if andiamo is too big for me?? I'm already going to get an original bella and now an original bella bella... soooo should I stop at those two for the original prints and wait for another print to come out?
  9. I'd wait for a new print or the amore.
  10. The only thing is that if you really want an andiamo.. it's not made any more!

    The cucciolo replaced it which is very similar but not exactly the same.
  11. I got my second playground bella bella yesterday :yahoo: is LATTE HEAVEN!!! :love: There are 7 full lattes on it and two half lattes!!!! All three lattes on the back, pink, blue & brown...both pink & blue lattes on the front and then on the bottom there are 2 places where the pink & blue lattes are but the pink lattes are cut in half off the sides along the bottom !! :love: Can you guys believe that??
  12. wheres the pics!! you need to get a camera first!! congrats on your bag!! now you need to get its lots of momobellas on it too! :lol: :graucho:
  13. Don't you worry...there are plenty of momobellas on the playground print. Momobella must be Simone's FAV b/c it's the only character on every single print! :wtf: :wtf: :wtf: :wtf:
  14. maybe he likes eating peaches? lol :lol: do you even have one on your bag? haha..make sure you take pics!!! i never see your stuff! :biggrin:
  15. Every toki purse I have has the momobella on it :wtf: ..EVEN MY ADIOS STAR!!!!! :wtf: :wtf: :wtf: I'll take pics as soon as I can...our camera is still MIA!! :graucho: