bella bella question

  1. hey i was just wonder, how much is the retail price for a bella bella?
  2. I don't know about mainland retail, but Hawaii retail is $182!! :push:
  3. It's $148 retail. My camo olive bella bella had a tag with that price on it.
  4. $148 sounds soooooooo much better than $182! *lol* I really, really wish they still made bella bellas... That's my favorite bag style, next to zucca!!
  5. Ahh, I'd been wondering that too. My OP BB came w/the Hawaii price tag. heh
  6. Yeah, stupid Hawaii...that's like $34 markup >__< We suck.
  7. Ouch!! :tdown: That's almost the price for a Zucca here---$184.
    I'm glad I have 2 bella bella's's a good style and size. My favorite bag style is the Zucca also.:yes:

  8. Yes!!! My second fave also!

    I too, wish they hadn't stopped making them!:tdown:
  9. that markup is crazy, but I guess you have no choice, even if you bought online/phone, I but the S&H fees just kill what you would have saved..bummer:sad:
  10. ME TOO. I just got my OP Bella Bella and I am OBSESSED WITH IT. The print placement is absolutely perfect (thanks to Nancy at the outlet! :heart:)! I still love my Zucca though. I looove those two. I wish BBs came in more prints though. :crybaby: Why did you discontinue? WHY?!
  11. Well, if we buy from SH or Pulse or something it's still maybe $20-30 cheaper even with shipping :smile: