Bella Bella or Gioco?


Oct 7, 2006
So, if you had to get rid of (sell on ebay) either a black camo bella bella or an inferno gioco out of financial necessity, which would it be?
It makes me sad to do it, but I'm only working part-time and am trying to have some extra income :sad:


tamale loco
Gioco is one of the most sought after styles and inferno is a sought after print. Put them together they're a hit. Unfortunately the economy is bad atm people can't afford to pay insane prices so the value of an inferno gioco is like a third of what it was 2 years ago. If I were you I'd keep this and sell the other. Bella bella is rare but not as sought after as the gioco. Black camo is more rare but not many fans dig the camo series much, so I doubt the price you get for it differs much in a good vs bad economy.