Bella Bella Love

  1. Can anyone confirm what prints were available in Bella Bella? I know so far there is the original, fumo, camo black, and camo olive. Are there any more?

    (I tried searching the posts but there are WAY too many posts with the word 'bella' in them.)

    I always thought the bella and bella bella's were too small for me but since reading this forum, I've grown to like the style. So much so that I have a bella in paradiso and inferno, and a bella bella in original, fumo and camo olive. Talk about obsessions! :yes:
  2. that is all, you listed. I'm eying a bella bella in OP or Camo Olive...choices grr!

    i suck and read what you wrote wrong...

    but what she said below is dead on!
  3. The Bella Bella did not come in fumo (grey), that came along much later. You must mean you have one in Original Black?

    In addition to the others you listed, the bella bella is available in Original Black (not Notte which is the New Black) and Playground.