Bella Bella and Transformers?

  1. This combo makes me super happy.
    I got my bella bella OP today and got to see a sneak preview of transformers...not sure if anyone is a fan, and I rarely say this but it is by far one of the best comic-related movies I've ever seen.

    That is all!
  2. I can't wait til transformers comes out. This was an awesome day for you. Yay!
  3. cool! Did u get it at the Hawaii store?
  4. aw. so worth it! I loved it. Blown away...definitely more than meets the eye..I feel cheesy saying that, hehe!

    No, eBay with a low BIN. I lucked out and it's a great bag!
  5. Transformers? Aww, Im waitin for it to come out next week--lucky! Bella Bella 4 u? Congrats dear!
  6. i think anyone will enjoy it, even if they don't know the story!

    and the bag just made it extra special!
  7. wow how did you get a sneak peek at transformers? i cant wait to see it! and congrats on your bella bella! i'm anxiously waiting my camo olive bella bella and inferno bella...its supposed to be coming monday...
  8. Yayy so you got an OP bella bella after all ^__^ coolness. Oo:huh:OO and transformers was good ah? We're probably going to watch it the day it comes out lol...
  9. momo- i sorta work sometimes sorta, haha, at a comic shop and they had 10 passes and they like me so I go to go with them and it was so worth it!

    i hope you love your bags, I can't decide to get another bella bella or not as I am in total love!\

    jessakamitz- I lucked out with a used *but doesn't look like it all op bella bella for 109!

    and it is good! worth it, not sure if you're a fan but I loved it!
  10. congrats! :biggrin: yup we are where america's day begin so that means i get to see it first!:graucho:
  11. congratz on ur bella bella, and i cant wait to see transformers too
  12. congrats on the bella bella!!! Ahh I'm waiting for transformers to come out on DVD .. lol .. I hate going to the movies .. people always, always, alwaysss kick my seat. :cursing:
  13. Ooo congratulations! I wanna go and see the midnight premier with my boyfriend, but I don't know if my dad will let me have the car that late :cry: It looks great, though! :yes:
  14. When I first heard they were making a Transformers movie a year ago, I was like, "Oooooh nooo. Oh no. This will be horrid."

    And then I saw the trailer.

    And I was blown away.

    I'm happy that (from the looks of it) they don't turn into 21574632 foot robots like they did in the older cartoons from tiny little cars. Seems a bit more realistic ( it can be. o.o).

    Congrats on the Bella Bella!
  15. aw, i hope all that wants to see it does. they're still cars granted and it may not be "realistic, but looks real" if that makes any sense!