Bella and Bailey's Juicy Couture Dog Fight (Nothing about Vick here!!!!)

  1. So, My Chi Bailey is really good about wearing her little sweaters, hoodies and such. I decided to see how Bella wold react to a Juicy hoodie. It was so hilarious, they would NOT stop playing long enough to get even one pic that was not blurry from the "action" shots. Bailey is wearing her green Juicy hoodie and Bella is in the pink Juicy hoodie. I swear to you all, I tried for the last HOUR to get one decent non moving picture of them just being "cute" but it is simply impossible!

    I finally got a "still" shot of Bella as the last picture.
    DSC00460.jpg DSC00461.jpg DSC00462.jpg DSC00463.jpg DSC00464.jpg
  2. Lol, cute outfits.
  3. Awww, how adorable!
  4. That is SO adorable!!:heart:
  5. OMG so cute!!!!!!!
  6. That's funny. My dogs hate "clothes".
  7. haha cuties!
  8. lol, it looks like they are fighting over the hoodies... hahahha
  9. How cute!!!
  10. LOL it's like they both want that pink hoodie!
  11. Such cuties. They seem like they're having a blast together.
  12. Awww! I tried putting my kitty in clothes...she didnt like it.
  13. Oh my gosh! So cute! I want one too for my dad's Jack Russel :graucho:
  14. Ha ha, that's so funny. It always cracks me up to see animals play fighting!
  15. cute!