Belize for Honeymoon????

  1. fiancee had the genius idea to go to Belize for our Honeymoon...

    I don't want to sound stupid, (but I'm gonna...)
    I had never actually even heard of Belize until he mentioned it. My father-in-law to be read an article on how not to eat anything from the area of Belize and to bring plenty of Power Bars and snacks? I dunno, others have said that it's an amazing place to vacation. He really has his heart set on it, and he doesn't ask for much, so I'd like to 'bit the bullet' so to speak and give it a go.

    So does anyone actually know anything about Belize??? Can you tell my anything about it? What is it like? Will I get sick if I eat anything there?

    Thanks! I will appreciate any input you can give me!!!:p
  2. One of my friends went there for her honeymoon, and she LOVED it. She wants to go back. She is a great cook, so I presume the food was good. I think people get way to anal about drinking and eating in foreign countries. I have travelled a lot and never had a problem. I imagine they have delicious, fresh seafood. The food will be fine, but you may want to stick to bottled water. I would suggest getting a travel guide.
  3. thanks, you have made me feel better!!!

    does anyone know what there is to do there?
  4. my friends who have been to belize went to the jungle area (i belive it was belize). she did some sort of missionary exchange there and said that it was amazing. have lots of fun! just look up brochures online =)
  5. My friend had her wedding in Belize and her honeymoon...and loved it!! There was some sightseeing...but mostly just hanging on the beach and relaxing it sounds like!
  6. My brother and his wife went to Belize on their honeymoon. They said it was wonderful. As far as I know they did not bring their own water or food. I imagine as long as you stay in the tourist-y area you'll be fine.
  7. My boss complained about lots of bugs in their hotel room and deadly snakes in the jungle. Make sure you ask about the different seasons and how bad the bugs are during that time.
  8. You can go to the beach, there is eco-tourism, and you can also see Mayan ruins. I would like to go!
  9. I went there about 10 years ago and really liked it. They have Mayan ruins which is really interesting if you like that sort of stuff. Definitely rent a car. There's a lot of places to see that buses don't go to. Here is a good website to start off with . Have a great time.
  10. Thanks everyone!!! Awesome site, HubbaWubba!!!
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    Anyone else?
  12. I went horseback riding in the jungle in Belize last February with my oldest daughter. We had a GREAT time. The people were very friendly. It wouldn't be my first choice for a honeymoon - but parts of Belize are really pretty and I think you will have a good time. Look up smuggler's run plantation if you go there for horseback riding - they are absolutely great. It is a family that runs it and the wife does all the cooking - the lunch we had there could rival a 5 star restaurant - it was amazing. The jungle is gorgeous!
  13. Well, I will tell you that back in 1979 I was in Belize which at that time was the British Honduras. Late in 1979 they declared their independence from the Honduras and became Belize. When I was there it was a jungle and I stayed at the Fort George Hotel, the only place to stay that had indoor plumbing. I left at the time of the revolution for safety reasons even though I had been there for 6 months. However, now the place is paradise. It is a great place to snorkel, swim, eat, and enjoy your new hubby. Go, but stay at a nice place. Enjoy!!
  14. Belize is a BEAUTIFUL place!

    BTW.. I LOVE your Avatar!
  15. ^^^Thanks!!!

    FI and I have decided to go somewhere else after HE did some research and found out some things he didn't care for...but thank you everyone, for the helpful turns out that the one that was all about Belize has changed his mind....:confused1: