Belive it or not! Check out this!

  1. I like the clutch a lot. That is more than I can spend on a clutch - but, it is very pretty and I love the combination of metal and leather. :love:
  2. :drool: wow thanks for the heads up ruktam!
    both are absolutely gorgeous although i can't think of how to match any clothes with that bag. looks like those pictures definitely changed my opinion about the new s/s 07 bags.
  3. [​IMG]


    They are EXTREMELY overpriced! I can get another Gaucho for the price of the strapless (yet irresistably beautiful) clutch!!!!
  4. The clutch looks ok. The bag looks like it was dug up from a antic :roflmfao:
  5. Lol, I agree! I'm not a fan of the bag either.
  6. Opss did i say "antic" i meant "attic" *blushes*
  7. Love the clutch - but seems overpriced to me! :yes:
  8. AWWWW!
  9. I'm in love with that clutch! I don't know if I want to pay that much for it though :sad:
  10. Chiming in about how lovely the clutch is but the price is a tad too high. Is it just me but it seems a lot of Dior bags lately are over £800 :sweatdrop: ?
  11. awww i can cry and cough out 900 £ on a new gaucho but i wont pay so much for that clutch not a chance ! :shrugs: even though when i first saw them on the runway pics i literally drooled on the screen...:drool: i was really expecting more something around 600-650£ ...well will hunt on eBay in a year time...:sad:
  12. i totally dont like this one either....:crybaby: