'Belinda' Bag in Black or Gold??

  1. Hi there,

    I need an evening bag but do not want to spend much money. I checked the 'Belinda' bag from the web below,


    Should I get it in black or gold? Is it a nice bag or a bit mainstream?

    I also like the 'Empress' in black, I think is pretty but because is printed I am not too sure...

  2. I would get the Belinda in black, it is classic!
  3. I think the belinda bag is a very classic style. i'd get it in black. Not so keen on the empress. Good luck with your decision!
    Have you got a particular outfit in mind ie are you trying to match it with something or are you after an evening bag that you could use with almost anything?
  4. i agree with the above posters--the black is classier. thumbs down on the empress for me; too much going on there.
  5. Yes, I think you are right, the black is good. I am wearing a silk mousseline halter dress which is amazing.

    I could even wear the classic quilted Chanel bag, but the one I have is in gold hardware and my dress has some details in silver...

    I am going for the Belinda in black!