Believe or not, it's a purple (not plum) caviar med flap that i'm expectin soon~~

  1. After a long wait and search for a purple caviar med flap, it finally pops up couple of days before the brand new year arrives tomorrow. Yes, you never heard me wrong, I got a purple caviar with silver h/w.

    Is Santa way too kind to me?? I'm a little scared...hehe:roflmfao::roflmfao:

    It's not plum but a purple flap, haven't seen IRL yet but been seein many pictures floating around. Hopefully it's the color that i've been soughting for:love::flowers:

    Will post pics when i receive her, jus wanna to share my JOY here with my fellow pfers.:nuts::nuts:
  2. Oh My!! Congrats!

    How did you find this beauty!!

    I'll be checking this thread for some modelling pics, for sure.
  3. Oh lucky you! Congratulations on finding this rare beauty! Cant wait to see pics!
  4. OMG!!!! AMAZING!!!! Congrats!!!
  5. Okay, now I might pass out and die... that's the only flap I don't have and happens to be my HG (well, the violet caviar flap specifically)!!!! :nuts: :love: :drool: :crybaby: I think I need to move to a foreign country haha... you always have the best luck girl, I'm so excited to see the pics!!! ;) :nuts: I think I've seen a purple (not fall '06 violet) flap before... there was a small one on eBay, but I wanted the medium and didn't bid (I beleive it went for $2600!)... if it's the same color you are getting, it's very pretty, just not as bright as the plum/violet flap, and deeper in color. :smile: Congratulations, yay!!! :yahoo:
  6. *LOL* I'm the opposite, i always wanted to move out of my country and stay in USA or europe where it's the designer world that i want:tup:

    Oh gal, i hope you can find a purple flap soon, i will pass all my luck to you! I'm sure you will:love:

    Yeah, i've also been watching that small one posted sometime back on eBay, the price went way too high and it's a small size. Accordin to the pics, it's a deeper in color not the bright plum/violet color that i've seen. Hopefully i'm not too disappointed....*LOL*

    Anyway, i did paid quite high price at $2200 including shipped, but i think it's worthwhile:sweatdrop:

    Thanks sweetie for your sweet notes!
  7. Thanks kasumi! I found her on ebay....will try to post modelin pics when i receive her:supacool:
  8. Celia let go off Santa right away lol!:hysteric:
    Haha congrats girl I can't wait for pics!:tup:
  9. Santa looooooves you! Congrats, it sounds GORGEOUS!
  10. oh god, are you still celebrating lucky girl, pls post modelling pics.... can't wait..
  11. oh man babe you're too lucky!!! i would love one! keep a lookout for me, would you? hehe
  12. :whistle::whistle:I hope everyday is x'mas for me:graucho::graucho:
  13. u know i'm santa's favourite person, i love to help my fellow pfers to fulfill their wish, I WOULD:okay:
  14. Congrats Celia!:nuts: OMG I can't wait to see your pics once it arrives :yahoo:
  15. so happy for you Celia, I think you have been looking for this purple as long as I have!!!!

    Cannot wait to see piccies, all these purples finally coming out of the woodwork, its typical when one is finally going to be released in store huh!

    Congrats again :biggrin: