Believe it or I'm still wating for my bag to reach Diabro!!!!!!!!!

  1. Over three weeks!!!!! Still in Japanese customs!!! I spoke with Diabro just before and they were contacted yesterday and are organisng collection......finally!!!! So much for 2 day shipping!!!!

    At least I should get my replacement baby soon!!!!!! Yay!!!

    BUT, I go on holiday in a couple of days so can't get them to send it til I'm back....

    Still, at least I can look forward to it again now!

    What a saga!!!!

    Will let you know when she gets here and will take pics.....:tup:
  2. Oh bummer! Sorry you had to go through all this just to get your bag. Diabro are pretty good from what I've seen when it comes to making sure you get your bag, so hopefully your baby will arrive soon.

    If it makes you feel better, I had a bag seized by Australian customs & they held it for weeks until I paid a huge fee....damn customs....:cursing:
  3. Dude.. thats why I've got to be 100% sure when buying from Diabro. So far everything I've gotten is good.
  4. How much % you pay for your custom duties? Mine - Either they will collect from me directly from my home n charge me $5 more for handling or they send me a note to collect it at the Custom office. Usually the Custom Officer is friendly n as long as there is proof of how much I pay (even if it differs from that written on the declaration), he accepts it n just calculate n collect 7% GST from me.
  5. :tup::tup: Yay it reached them today!!!!

    Just have to wait til I get back from holiday now, but at least I have that to look forward to!

  6. Glad it got there :tup: