Believe in ghosts? Come share your brushes with paranormal phenomena!

  1. Do you believe in ghosts or are you a skeptic? Have you personally ever had a genuine "paranormal" experience, or knew someone who did? How about a local legend - eg, a town hall that is reputedly haunted? Any interesting or downright creepy stories to share?

    Or were you once a skeptic but changed your mind because you (or someone you knew) witnessed something in one's waking sober hours that defied any scientific explanation?
  2. Havent had any experiences, but I have a friend who swears she has. Thats some scary crap and I'm glad it hasnt come into my life.
  3. I believe. Everyone in my immediate family has had experiences. My mother has had several actually, same for my father, grandmother, aunts... I'm scared it will happen to me next! I don't want to be scared to tears! -_-
  4. Ghosts, no. Spirits, yes. My grandfather passed away in 02 and I was devistated. We were very very close. When times get hard I can feel him all around me. Eventhough he is gone I know he is still watching over me.
  5. I believe in that kind of stuff, but nothing has really happened to me. I've heard it happening to friends of mine, though. I think their experiences were real.
  6. I'm not really sure if I believe in ghosts. All I know is that if I start watching a tv show on ghosts or if I start talking about ghosts, I start crying. It's really weird, because I don't want to be crying and don't know why I'm cryng. It just automatically happens.
  7. Yup, my religion teaches about different types of ghosts/spirits etc and how to ward/avoid/appease evil ones etc etc.

    The month of August in the Southeast Asian region is also dubbed as the Hungry Ghosts' Festival and usually the Buddhists and Taoists go thru lots of rituals and ceremonies to appease the ghosts that are let out of Hell's Gates for that particular mth.

    Sort of like how prisoners get 45mins of outdoor exercis I suppose. :-P
  8. I do, but I'm skeptical at the same time. My mom has told me several experiences she's had in her life, and I do believe I've had one before (I dont really remember all of it, it happened when I was around 11 yrs old). I don't like to think about it too much though because it's scary :[
  9. I've had experiences and it's so creepy. Just thinking about it scares me.
  10. I do believe, but I've never had a close encounter. Good thing, b/c they freak the crap outta me. Some of my family members have had encounters.

    This is a true story from my uncle:
    He was once playing the chinese version of the "wee-jee" board (no idea how to spell that). So you're not supposed to let when you're communicating with the spirit or else bad things will happen. His friend thinks it is all a hoax and lets go to make some food. After a couple minutes, they hear the pots crash to the floor and run to see the friend running out the door. They chase the friend for several blocks, all the while screaming for him to stop (he was close enough to hear). The friend runs into the underground subway (actually the MTR in HK) and heads for the tracks with a train approaching. Somebody manages to tackle him moments before he jumps and he blanks out. He regains consciousness after several minutes and has NO CLUE what just happened. He doesn't know how/why he's in the subway station.

    FREAKY huh??? I'm getting chills right now... :smile:
  11. i sort of believe and don't believe...i stayed in a hotel in Chicago one time that was supposed to be really haunted, and i'm not going to lie, it was kinda creepy.
  12. Kind of.. but my imagination is overactive. After watching The Village, I couldn't even walk to the garage (literally 2 steps from the front door) by myself at night !!
  13. I shouldn't have read that when its 3am over here. Now I cant sleep :[
  14. I do believe, but I don't want to encounter any of those EVER!! I don't even dare to watch horror movies, let alone, experiencing it myself :push:
  15. I believe, but I don't think they are scary or could "harm" us in any way. We should watch out for people who are alive and not spirits.