Belgium's Mannekin Pis drips for prostate awareness

  1. AFP - Friday, September 14 05:45 pm
    BRUSSELS (AFP) - The usual free-flowing stream coming from Belgium's Manneken Pis, a bronze boy that pees into a fountain in central Brussels, slowed to a drip Friday to raise awareness about prostate cancer.
    For passers-by in the Belgian and European capital on what was European prostate awareness day, a banner was set up alongside marked: "Having trouble urinating? Get your prostate checked in time."
    The European Commission, for its part, also expressed concern at the low number of men who have their prostate checked as they get older, as well as undergo tests for colorectal cancer.
    According to a Eurobarometer survey published Friday, only eight percent of men have tests to detect cancer of the prostate, while 13 percent get checked for colorectal cancer.
    "Men should consult their doctors about regular screenings. The check-up data for these two types of cancer are alarming," EU Health Commissioner Markus Kyprianou said in a statement.

    I was in a drugstore and they had a shelf of One A Days.
    The two formulas they had on display were the Men's Health Formula and the Women's Health Formula.

    The Men's Health Formula was in a blue box and it came with a key chain and I would imagine literature about prostate cancer.

    The Women's Health Formula was in a pink box and it came with a breast cancer ribbon and a shower shelf examination chart.

    It's important to spread awareness about anything that is a danger to your health.
  2. Awareness ALWAYS needs to be spread.

  3. I realized I wrote 'shelf examination' instead of 'self examination.'