Belen Enchandia

  1. I am hoping to purchase my first Belen Enchandia handbag shortly.

    I need some advice regarding the handbag dimensions. I don't like overally large bags I like them to be no wider than 32cm and no wider than 15cm deep.

    Could you please recommend some Belen Enchadia bags that would fall into this category.

    Many thanks,
  2. the MMS midi, the WTM midi,

    light bags, not to big, just beautiful and versatile to wear with it's extra shoulder strap
  3. Any of the midi sizes would probably fit your criteria. My favorites are the WTM and Love Me Midi bags. I'm drooling all over the Rock Me midi style, but am waiting for more reviews since it's a brand new style.

    Do you like slouchy or structured bags? Do you wear the bags on your shoulder or do you like handheld bags? There are so many great styles, it kind of depends on your taste.
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    Thank you for your suggestions, I am off to have another look.

    I don't mind if the bags are structured or not and I do like to wear a bag on my shoulder but I do love the hug me.


    On the hug me page on the BE website is the Hug me the bag in the left hand?

    Thank you,
  5. Hi shopaholic, I really love the TME midi as a shoulder bag. The Hug me is also a really lovely style. Good luck with your decision!
  6. Hi charliefarlie,
    I must admit I do like the TME midi aswell.
    It will be a very tough decision.

  7. The Hug Me is in her left hand and it appears she might have another slung over her right shoulder, but I do believe they are both the larger size.