Belen Enchandia-Phone call from Jackie!

  1. Now that is customer service! I just got off the Phone with Jackie, the owner/creative designer of Belen Enchandia. I had e-mailed her that I was interested in the Love Me Mini in purple.
    She called me at home and we spoke for at least 1/2 hour about everything from the London show where she spent the day today to environmental concerns. What a fabulous fun Lady! She asked me what I do and was interested in my life as well as giving me a little run down on what she and her fiance are up to.
    She let me know she had only one left of the bag I was interested in and would ship it on Wednesday.
    What a nice surprise! :love:
  2. ^^

    The purple LMM is awesome. I absolutely love the size and the color. Let me know how you like the gold hardware. The gold hardwrae is the one thing keeping it from being perfect imo.
  3. Wow! that is GREAT customer service. So, are you getting it????
  4. aw yay she's so amazing
  5. She sounds really nice :smile: Can't wait to see the bag!
  6. Isn't Jackie just the best? :tup: It's that kind of customer service that really sets her apart.
  7. I love, love, LOVE Jackie!
  8. I absolutely agree - she's really a unique business owner (and the fact that she has a fabulous product only boosts the appeal!)....she is so genuine. I honestly felt like I was speaking to a friend - we spent almost an hour on the phone, speaking about my handbag choice (and she was right - the dark grey Love Me was just perfect), business, special needs kids (my DD is on the autism spectrum)'s really rare to find that kind of connection.
  9. ^^Didn't she make you feel like your opinion mattered? I was so impressed with how she seemed to really care about what I was saying.
    And yes, I got the bag! She said she had just posted some pics on her site that show the mini in the manufacturing process.
    But what really got me was she was more interested in talking about other issues that I am interested in as well, like alternative sources of energy. Her fiance is interested in developing a type of boat that runs on hydrogen fuel cell power, and as our governor is really into that, she was wondering if I knew anything about it.
    Wow, a girl that is interested in guy stuff and designs killer handbags as well!
  10. She truly is a fantastic lady. You just feel like she is a friend and she has your best interest at heart.

    It's not like she is just interested in selling you a bag, she genuinely wants you to love the bag and will help you find the perfect bag for your lifestyle.
  11. Oh My Gosh, I think that link may have just convinced me I need a chocolate Love Me Mini too! Darn.....:sweatdrop:
  12. Seriously! It looks like such a nice, rich brown and the pink lining with it is divine! I may have to get a Stroke Me in chocolate since I already decided on a black crash LMM
  13. I am thinking my next bag will be the chocolate LM, but I really have been leaning toward the pewter crash LM. The LMM is so cute, but I am 5'9" and need BIG bags. My favorite napkin reads "The bigger the handbag is, the smaller the butt looks". It is my philosophy and I am sticking to it.
  14. Ha! Too true. I don't want to look like an elephant carrying a teacup.