Belen Echandia's biannual 3-day sale

  1. I don't see it posted yet so here you go gals...



    We are finally excited to announce that Belen Echandia's biannual 3-day sale will take place online at from Sunday 13th January at 2pm PST/5pm EST/10pm GMT to Weds 16th January at 2pm PST/5pm EST/10pm GMT with 35% discount off all current stock.

    Compare time zones here:

    The 3-day sale of current stock is held twice per year as a means of rewarding loyal customers and mailing list members. Only one or two of most bags are available. Every season we change the rules, to make things a bit more fun. This time there is no waiting list so the sale will work on a first-come, first served basis.

  2. What are shipping charges to the US?
  3. What kind of discount do they usually offer?
  4. 35% off instock items.
  5. To those of you who have bought from the sale before - how does it work? Is it like the sample sale where you ordered as usual, or do you email requests? I am also interested in what the shipping charges might be. They were pretty high for the sample sale.
  6. I just put a deposit down for the LMMini and I believe it was around $57 to the states.
  7. Last time around, the sale page was on the the site the moment the sale started - there was no special link, but since she specifically mentioned that this sale was for long-time customers and email list customers, I would sign up for her email list, just to be sure. I suspect there may be a link for these folks this time around. This sale is usually 30-35% off retail.

    Also, Jackie said that she will not be taking advanced orders for this sale - it will be done on a first come, first serve basis. It's not clear that every item that is currently in her inventory will be available for the sale - I doubt it, as she didn't have every item on sale during her last sale (though it was not a bi-annual sale either). She just introduced the Love Me Mini (viewable on her Love Me subheading), so I would be surprised if that was offered at discount prices, for example.

    Shipping is in the $50 arena, but there are also customs/duties fees that you may be subject to. My Love Me incurred a $44 customs fee from DHL, but I have heard that they may be as high as $80 - depends upon what you order!