Belen Echandia Woman: Our style & personality

  1. Who is the woman who likes Belen Echandia? What is her style? There are enough of us now on let's find out who we are and what we have in common and what makes us so fabulous and unique to be drawn to Belen Echandia.

    I am eclectic. Not brand loyal. I'm a stylish, classy bohemian. I also own Mulberry, LV, Celine Boogie, Gerard Darel, Hogan. I am a big reader and a great chef. I love the arts. I love to travel. I have older teenagers and will soon have an empty nest. I am a creative type.

    I discovered Belen Echandia on tpf. It was the unique and unheard of name that drew me in. Then I went to the website. I studied it for a long time...and then the summer sale came and I jumped in.

    I have three Belen Echandia bags: matte white Clutch Me; matte chocolate Stroke Me; black crash Love Me.

    What about you?
  2. Fun! Maybe Jackie will draw inspiration from us (heehee)...

    I have always loved bags - when I was a little kid, I would help my mom design little totes and every August was a pure thrill to pick out my new schoolbag for the year. I have now figured out that my love of bags stems from being organized. I am an "order"-freak (as opposed to a clean-freak, which anyone who has visited my house recently will attest)...I love cubbies, boxes, special spots for things. My briefcases (when I used to work in the biotech sector), my handbags, my diaper bags when I had kids, all helped me have some semblance order and control. They were my office, my "tool box", and sometimes my salvation! I loved how a chocolate mint tucked in a box could rescue my tantruming toddler, or how a tiny pair of scissors stashed in my bag could open the obnoxious plastic wrap on cds, or how a bandaid could help heal a boo-boo in a moment's notice.

    But I do love fun...more of a beer gal than fine wine or champagne. I love the outdoors, travel, and being a kid with my kids. I'm "mommy stylish" and choose my wardrobe based on fit/function and color,rather than labels. I'm that way about my handbag collection too - Ani, Hayden Harnett, Not Rational, Coach (particularly the 2006 Legacy Collection and styles that harken back to the Bonnie Cashin days), and now a beloved BE (dark grey Love Me).

    Saving for a BE Indulge Me in Black Crash :yes:....

  3. I'll jump in! I love beautiful bags, but have admired them from afar! I have a great job, but for some reason never thought I would spend much money on a bag for myself. As a result, my collection is very limited and generic. I always searched through the Neiman, Saks, Bloomies, Nordstrom, Bergdorf Goodman, etc. websites lusting after the bags and wondering what type of person buys these?!

    A few months ago I stumbled on tPF and have been hooked! I love reading about someone waiting for and finally receiving their wonderful bag and seeing the pictures. Through this I realized that there a LOT of people who share my love of great bags but they act on it and actually purchase them!

    I don't know how I found the BE threads on tPF, but was immediately impressed with everyone's passion for the bags and the discussion about the customer service. I believe that your success in life (most importantly!) and in business depends on how you treat people. Jackie does a great job dealing with her customers. She promptly returns email questions and from what I've read, also takes time to talk on the phone to describe the leather, color, texture of the bag. I really appreciate the personal touch.

    Well, I'm slowly joining the ranks! I have an order in with Jackie for a purple Love Me and purchased the red Indulge Me during the sale on Sunday. I can't wait for the BE January sale! I was a former Jacqueline Jarrot and Coach fan. I really like some of the HH bags, but based on what I've read on tPF am hesitant to order because of the customer service issues that have been discussed. I am definitely a happy BE customer thanks to all of you!
  4. I love ALL kinds of bags: inexpensive, way expensive, somewhere in between. I'll look in the bag section of any store, be it WalMart, NM, online, or in an artisan's workshop. Therefore, I have tons of bags in the wardrobe!

    What I'm looking for is a bag with personality that fits my style and mood of the moment. I find this in Jackie's BE bags. Her designs are simple, yet intriguing...and never once have I heard a woman on this forum tell me she was so worried about putting her beloved bag down, as many do say with their Chanels, Pradas, Hermes, etc. I love a bag that can be worn to do its job, and not be another bling appendage to a woman for its major purpose. I don't worry about such a thing with Jackie's bags...people who really know what they are talking about will know a good, well made handbag when they see one, and everyone else will go on their merry way.

    I bought a blue Indulge Me and I can't wait to get it! And, I am so impressed with Jackie, she is so nice and explains everything. I am sure to buy another bag, most likely a Take Me Anywhere!
  5. I think one thing about BE women is that we're confident of our taste and can recognize a great looking handbag, and great craftsmanship-- without needing the IT stamp put it on by society at large. We saw it ourselves and adopted this brand as ours, no matter how small or unknown the company. We also revel in the exclusivity of the brand. We love luxury and personal service.
  6. Hi, great thread -- I'll chime in too!

    I'm also a creative type. I'm an opera singer, writer, and lover of books and birds. I have eclectic tastes in art -- I love modern painting and antique furniture. I love having fun and giggling with my 6 year old sweetie son over the silliest things.

    I also typically like small, independent artisans and small mom and pop stores where I can have personal contact with passionate owners and people who truly care about what they are creating and selling, as well as building relationships with their customers -- whether it's my local exotic bird or book store.

    As for bags, I like simple, city chic -- nothing frou frou. I love high quality materials and beautiful, functional designs. I love bags that don't have to scream their name at you -- they stand on their own merits. I guess I also like design companies that begin with "B" since my two current favorites are BV and BE!
  7. ^^Wow! An opera singer, Valkyrie? That's so cool!! :smile:
  8. Awww...why thank you audball67! :shame:
  9. i'm a wannabe clean freak, organistional freak. i usually just can't be asked though!

    i am a librarian, a writer, just an artsy free creative person. i've looked at fancy bags my whole life but never really saw one that i needed to have until stumbled across BE. i saw the purple love me and HAD to have it right then. i tend to think a lot more about my purchases.

    i received my sample sale bag and it is fabulous, i don't really know that i will use it so i will most likely give it to my best friend as a christmas gift. i just love jackie's committment to her customers and how she will happily bend over backwards to accomodate you. that kind of service is far and few between.

    i'm just an eccentric free spirit crazy in a good kind of way person. i enjoy being unique and using personal accessories that define me. a bright purple bag just suits me very well. i'm known for being outgoing and laughing [i've had people recognise me in restaurants on my laugh alone] and something loud and bright just sort me.
  10. I am an executive in the energy sector, trying to climb the career ladder... I love organisation and having things in order. Nonetheless, there is an element of appreciation for the arts and I'd like to think that in another life, I could have been artsy and creative. I have always been fond of accessories and bags and believe that I inherited it from my of my enduring memories of childhood was rushing all round town trying to look for a bag in the right shade of green so she could match it to an outfit!

    As at the end of this week, I would have had 3 BE bags already (I bought 2 at the sample sale). 1 petrol TMA, 1 cream Clutch Me and 1 white/silver ponyskin. I also have a penchant for Liberty of London, Tanner Krolle and Alexander McQueen bags. I'd like to think that these bags are quite understated and under-represented in the streets of London, where every second person you meet is carrying a Mulberry or LV.

    I value classic looks with a twist and quirky design details. However, most importantly, the bag has to be well-made. I also agree with all other BE fans out there that what puts BE ahead of the pack is Jackie's fantastic personal touch and customer service.
  11. I've always loved a good handbag and have been fascinated with the inspiration behind certain designs, how they're constructed and what materials are used. I found BE through TPF and the more I learned, the more I realized that Jackie is delivering what the big brands once stood for--high quality crafted handbags created by artisans in small quantities.

    I'm a sucker for organization and love to have my things with me when I travel or am on the run. I grew up in a military family and moved often; I believe having to carry loved things with me often has, in part, fueled my handbag admiration. Moving to yet another new school in a new state is a bit less scary when you have your special items in tow.

    I thrive on order and must find small pockets of it amidst my preschool twin boys and the joyful chaos that ensues each day. I love being able to pull out a special enticement for them--colorful pencils, paper and tic tacs--to entertain them while we're out and about.

    I've long carried Coach but have been looking for new and other high quality designers. I don't care much for logo bags and love the understated beauty of high quality leather. I take great satisfaction in knowing that others likely have no idea what I'm carrying but that it is attrractive and well made. I wonder if I worked in a leather shop in a previous life!:graucho:

    I'm a former company VP who is now a magazine editor and features writer. I so enjoy using the creative side of my brain, and I believe that a well stocked beautiful bag is like a fertile imagination--magic is found in there!

    My first BE--a dark grey Love Me--is on its way to me, and I can't wait to see it in person. I imagine it will quickly become a favorite!:love:
  12. Another thought... As the prices of handbags have gotten out of hand -- you've seen the articles in the press about this...we consumers are tired of bag inflation. I think bag prices are going to drop, by the way. It is supply and demand, and consumer weariness. Thousands of dollars on a nylon Prada? Puh-leeze.
    A beautifully handmade bag in a decent price range is recognized by Belen Echandia ladies.
    Also, what is luxury? Luxury isn't about money anymore. Luxury is about personal service. I love the idea of having a bespoke bag from the designer/owner herself. Now THAT's luxury. "And I'm worth it."
  13. I read many recommendations about Deluxe: How Luxury Lost its Luster, and after reading the book, it really opened my eyes about what I choose and why. I agree that prices will drop here at some point--there have been countless price increases for no other reason than to see just how much these companies can extract from loyal customers, and I think that it as an arrogant assault of the highest order.

    I prefer to search more and give my hard earned money to companies and entrepreneurs who are ethical and inspired. That is part of what attracted me to BE.
  14. I'm a teacher, love to travel, adore my sons (24 & 20), enjoy reading, and hanging out with my girl friends-I couldn't survive without them! I think I was one of the first TPF'ers to talk about Belen Echandia bags. I love them, the colors, their quality leather, and of course the owner, Jackie. I have never dealt with someone in business who is so prompt responding to emails, working with her customers, and so quick to try to help you out. In this day and age-it's downright remarkable if you were to ask me.
    I'm at the stage in my life where I don't care about the lineage of the Chanel, Dior, Gucci handbags-because I believe that so much of what you pay for there is the "NAME". Jackie has managed to create things of beauty, with style, panache, and quality! I say if you have a good thing-stay with it.
    By the way I own the Stroke Me in large and the Take Me Anywhere in wine and petrol. I am looking forward to my next purchase!:rolleyes:
  15. ^^ Amen to everything you said, JNH14! And yes, you and SHC were really one of the first people to bring BE to our attention, for which I am sure, we are all grateful :yes:!

    And just to give (yet another!) example of Jackie's fabulous service - she was answering email from me up until 3PM PST...she was incredibly sweet and informative even around midnight in the UK! She's passionate about her job and her customers....