Belen Echandia Wine "Stroke Me" Bag!

  1. Here is my newest handbag acquisition from Belen Echandia. I think wine is the new up and coming color for fall-only it's often called "Carmine".
  2. That color is delicious! What a pretty bag.
  3. Lovely!
  4. That is beautiful!!! Love the color.
  5. Thanks, Ladies! I am loving it as much as my petrol "Take Me Anywhere" bag! :yahoo:
  6. Gorgeous, I love it -- so much so that I have the same style and color on the way to me!

    Any chance of getting modeling pics.?;)
  7. Gorgeous! I :heart: Belen Echandia.
  8. yummy, yummy color! enjoy!
  9. That bag looks good enough to eat. All it need is some whipped cream!!!!
  10. With me all I need is a little cheese with that wine...:roflmfao:
  11. Wow.. gorgeous! Love that shape!
  12. Love that colour. Not so sure about the shape though. Sorry.
  13. I don't usually like hobos...but that one is amazing! Gorgeous color!
  14. so gorgeous! very versatile style and color! congrats!!!!
  15. Thanks, I live in my jeans when I'm not teaching so it really looks wonderful with the dark indigo color! Jackie had told me it was great with jeans!:smile: