Belen Echandia Wine Stroke Me Available!

  1. I just wanted to let everyone know that Jackie mentioned today, if anyone is interested in a wine large stroke me, to let her know.

    I put my name on a waiting list for it, and if she gets one more request, then she'll place the order for us.

    You can either email me and/or Jackie to let us know! The price is 595 which includes free shipping for being a PFM.

    Hope everyone is enjoying their BE handbag and/or looking forward to their next one being delivered soon!!!!! I sure am!
  2. Thanks for the info LoveBags!!!! You're a sweetie!
  3. Hi TropicalGal, my pleasure! Are you interested?
  4. I might be after I get my Kiwi Stroke Me in the mail from the Sample Sale.
  5. No more bags for me this year... I was a bad girl at LV today... Merry Christmas to me.