Belen Echandia v. Gerard Darel

  1. I love the styling of both these brands, and am torn as to which I should buy. Can anyone with both these handbags give me any advice? My brother currently resides in the City of Lights, and travels all over Europe. He said when I make up my mind he will pick one up for me. He suggests the Belen Echandia because it would be the more economically smart move. (The euro is so strong against the American dollar.) I really don't want to let money be the deciding factor though. Thanks for your help.
  2. Gerard Darel seems to be around the same price point as BE if not cheaper. You can get GD bags from at fairly reasonable prices, I think.
  3. I think it comes down to what style you prefer. The two are quite different I believe in shape and design. It's fun to have a choice.
  4. well, I vote BE because I love thes bags and Jackie is awesome to work with.
  5. which models are you considering? Post pics and everyone can vote!
  6. I was considering the GD 24 Hr bag, but didn't get it because it is handheld. The BE's can go over the shoulder and I really need that in bag. And then there is that sweet fragrance of the BE leather...
  7. I have owned a GD 24 heures in the past and also currently own a number of BE bags. In terms of style, both are very different. If you are considering buying the standard GD 24 heures style, then I would advise against it as it really isn't anything special. Some of the newer GD bags (look on their website) are far more exciting. However, this also means that they are much more expensive and in many cases are just as pricey as the BEs. With BE, you are at least getting something that is not mass produced and looks a little more individualistic. Also, lots of thought goes into how a BE bag's interior is organised as well as its comfort. BE will win me over anyday - this is just my personal opinion.

    However, at the end of the day you should go with what your heart says...
  8. I had a brief, passionate affair with GD bags, but in the end BE won me over. GD bags are gorgeous and well made, but there is something about the BE leather. High quality, gorgeous, smooshy and soft, gorgeous colours!! Not to mention that they are LE, which makes them that much more special, but they are classic enough to be able to use in the long run.