Belen Echandia Take Me Anywhere

  1. Please excuse the poor quality pics (and any visible mess in the background). No one was home to help me except my 6 yr old son, who keeps shaking the camera...

    So the Belen bag I ordered during their sale last week arrived. :yahoo:

    It was a little bigger in size, than I anticipated, but it will definitely work great when I travel (which is quite often).

    It is definitely a keeper, and honestly, the quality of the bag exceeded all expectations. Jackie has superb customer service, and will go the extra mile to make her customers happy. :tup:
    5.jpg 4.jpg
  2. Looks great and even from your photo, the leather looks yummy and I really like the styling...enjoy your new beauty!
  3. If you want it a little shorter-I take off the long shoulder strap and use just the two handles over my shoulder-it works great!:smile:

  4. Thanks for the tip. I actually like the shoulder strap :yes:: it fits VERY comfortably over the shoulder - even with my thick coat on (hee hee, I've tried it on w/ diff outfits already).
  5. Looks superb - terrific. Enjoy taking her anywhere and everywhere!
  6. I think it looks lovely on you. Your photo helps me decide that the bag is not for me. Too big. But it really looks GREAT on you. Enjoy to the max!

  7. Hi there. The bag measures (in inches) approx 14 x 14 x 6 = it is on the big side. I'm 5'4", and I think jadejett is taller, so the bag may look more proportionate to her height.

    I keep looking at the belen website, and sometimes, I wish i got a different color;...but that's just me, always second guessing myself.
  8. Oooh, don't second guess yourself. You'll get a ton of use out of your bag. Adore your bag, it is perfect!
    Second guessing is useless and a waste of time!
  9. It's such a lovely bag! You made a good choice! Enjoy your bag!
  10. I think the Chocolate is a lovely color and will go with everything.
  11. I think it looks GREAT on you! Very flattering!
  12. Bag looks great and one of the things I love best about it is the color! Use it well!!:tup:
  13. Thanks for the measurements. The chocolate is definitely lovely---you made a good choice.
  14. Can someone please tell me about the RED leather Belen Echandia bags? Is the red bright? Is it too much? The fotos on the BE site make the red look very bright. I'm hoping it is a darker shade. Someone have one?