Belen Echandia Take Me Anywhere

  1. Hello everyone

    I'm on the hunt for information about this bag

    Have any of you seen it and held it or better yet bought it? I'd love to know what you think. Is it heavy? Could it be used as an everyday bag? I'm thinking of this one in tan.

    Can't wait to hear your thoughts!
  2. I would love to know if anyone has it too!
  3. Are you considering it?
  4. Yes!
  5. If you do a search you might come across a thread by Kore who I think got a BE bag after doing a lot of research. Not sure what the model was, but worth looking to see probably. I know the brand quite well and have seen several of the bags IRL but not that one I'm afraid.
  6. Love it-let us know if you find out where to buy it and if it ever goes on sale!:smile:
  7. If I were you I'd email Jackie at the BE site. She's really into personal service and I'm sure she can send you more pictures, info about the weight, etc. Or another idea: call Henri Bendel at 800-HBENDEL (423-6335), they had a BE trunk show there last week and maybe they have some in the store? I don't live anywhere near NY (if I did I'd probably be arrested for stalking the Hayden Harnett people) so I don't know.

    And this might not be much help but the BE bag I have from a few seasons ago is large and isn't heavy.
  8. Thanks to everyone for the responses. I have contacted Jackie and she's fantastic. I am now ordering the TMA in Chocolate...stay tuned for pix!!
  9. I got this bag, but cannot download the photos as the file is too large. PM me if you want any info. It's a gorgeous bag!!:smile:
  10. wow! love that bag!
  11. Thanks! Actually I've now received mine too - I went with the chocolate - you?? I LOVE it - fantastic quality and wonderful experience buying this from Jackie Cawthra. Couldn't ask for better. What colour did you get? I've tried to attach pix and can't seem to do it either..would love to show her off - any tips anyone on how to post pictures?
  12. Hi there,

    Would love to see pictures of the chocolate as well. The whole customer service experience has been out of this world.

    Is it a very large bag? Or is it more medium?

    I'm still deciding between styles, but it seems as if whatever I get, I am not going to be disappointed!!!!


  13. woo hoo..finally - I figured out how to attach photos



    bag 2_1.jpg
  14. Hi - I just managed to post pictures - you will see that I think it's quite large - definitely not medium. The quality of all the BE bags is fantastic. A friend picked up the Carry Me with Style and she's very pleased too..also large but not as large as the TMA