Belen Echandia Take Me Anywhere - Which Colour?

  1. So, after much pondering and after seeing the some lovely pictures of this bag posted by other PFers, I have decided to take the plunge. However, I'm unsure as to which colour I should choose. My favourite colour is blue (in all different shades) and I am quite attracted to the petrol. However, the chocolate looks lovely as well.

    What do you all think?
    200704112423562.jpg 200741155711546.jpg
  2. Love both! The chocolate, just a little more.
  3. I agree....I think the chocolate is prettier and classier looking.
  4. They only made 2 in the petrol - which myself and JN14 are both the proud owners of. :yes:

    I'm not sure if they'll be making more but you should email Jackie and ask. My second choice is the chocolate. I like that dove gray colour too though.
  5. It all depends on what colors your other purses are. If you have all chocolates and browns, go for the blue. However, if you have nothing to wear the blue with, then don't get it.
  6. the chocolate seems to be a more neutral/classic colour
    i would recommend it!
  7. I concur on the dove grey, if they have it in that color that would be beautiful. Also black. I'm sure Jackie can suggest something, she's known for that. Congrats!
  8. I think they got more bags in-I added to my old post yesterday. Go to this link-they also added a gorgeous red and some cream with snakeskin. I adore mine!!! As I'm sure-:wlae: does Jade Jett.
  9. If Jackie makes more of the blue, I'd say go for that hands down. This colour really is "the new neutral."
    You can wear it with anything. I can't say enough good things about it.

    Email Jackie directly and let us know what you decide. :yes:
  10. Thanks for all your comments.

    I wear lots of blue (as well as have lots of blue bags!)and of course, chocolate also goes with blue outfits. I have contacted Jackie and she did mention that the petrol is sold out. I'm trying to find out if she will get any more in and if not, I guess the decision is easy to make.... I will get the chocolate one!
  11. I think the chocolate is lovely! Like the blue too but not as versatile IMO.
  12. Actually, I beg to differ on this. Brown goes with less as many schools of thought believe that you shouldn't wear black with brown. However, you can definitely wear the blue with black. If Jackie is going to be making more of the petrol blue bags, I say hold out! It's worth it!
  13. blue! :smile:
  14. Now that I see the Indulge Me in petrol I may have changed my recommendation. My recommendation is to buy one in every color.
  15. Really quite a buzz about these purses, now. I have been pondering the same thing. I think I would hold out for the blue.

    Also, can we get some more pics of the lovely tPF women actually modelling the bags? Would love to see those (even if faces are hidden, etc. for privacy.)