Belen Echandia Spring Pics Being Posted on Website!

  1. I just snuck on the BE site (again) and saw some of the new bags. The Be Mine is there and some new modeling pics are being posted for the older bags!
  2. the site is down for me :sad:
  3. Gorgeous!!! I can't wait to see the entire Collection!
  4. dance with me is adorable!
  5. Sara, what is dance with me?
  6. Fabulous!! can't wait to go look!
  7. I love the Apple Green!! I wonder if that color be used for any other styles?! I hope so!!:girlsigh:
  8. Down for me too....darn! :sad: Looking forward to seeing that Apple Green color.
  9. hmm, still down for maintenance! apparently what i saw on the website is old
  10. oo lala! I like the I'm Yours :heart:
  11. I tried to put the web address and it didn't work, but the link worked for me, thanks morebags! I am in love with the Love Me. Jackie has a LM in Fuchsia!! The LM is my favorite bag among the bags on the site now. Second is the HM in Apple Green. THAT IS SUCH A GORGEOUS BAG! I don't see the stroke me or the take me anywhere. I hope to acquire over the next year a LM in black crash, and a HM in APPLE GREEN!!!!!!!! AHHHHH! I never realized the HM was as big as it is, after seeing the model pic. WONDERFUL!
  12. [​IMG]
  13. I think the Hold Me is a new bigger size. Mine doesn't look as big as that but I got mine a few years ago and it has the shorter handles, not the new longer ones.
  14. I've just measured my Hold Me and it is only 9" wide and 9" tall (without the handles in the middle of the bag between the 2 straps).

    The new measurements are 9 x 16" without the straps but proportionately it doesn't seem right. On my screen, the bag measures 3" in width and nearly 4" in height but that doesn't translate to 9 x 16". Very curious!