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Jun 7, 2006

Sometimes I have a hard time keeping surprises secrets. I find myself getting so excited that I want everyone to know what’s in store right away! The founder and creative director of Belen Echandia, Jackie Cawthra, and I have been working on a fabulous opportunity for Purse Blog and Purse Forum readers. So, although I want to spill it right now, I’m gonna keep you waiting - trust me, the anticipation is worth it. In the mean time, check out Jackie’s take on some Valentine’s Day questions.
Living in Europe, is there something extra special about VDay folks here in the states might not be able to experience? An impromptu trip to Paris!
What is the most extravagant VDay gift/activity have you ever heard of (be it a personal story, one from a friend or even one you’ve heard about)? Last year an anonymous wealthy businessman pledged to buy his wife two suborbital spaceflights on Virgin Galactic. I don’t know if it was actually true, but if it were it would be the most extravagant, fascinating and exciting Valentine’s Day gift I have ever heard of!

Which is more romantic, Valentine’s Day or an anniversary, why? Although I love being spoiled for both Valentine’s Day and on anniversaries, I actually prefer to be spoiled on any other day of the year “just because”. We are renovating an apartment in Stockholm at the moment and despite running two companies Magnus has spent every spare moment in the last two weeks getting it ready for when I arrive. I find that kind of gesture incredibly romantic, much more so than flowers or chocolates.
What are your plans for Valentine’s Day this year? I have absolutely no idea. My fiancé is very romantic so every Valentine’s Day is a surprise.
What is the best Belen Echandia gift for Valentine’s Day, why? The best BE gift for Valentine’s Day would be a unique bespoke handbag with a personalized loving message. Which girl doesn’t want the opportunity to customize her own handbag and carry her boyfriend’s loving thoughts around with her all day?
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Cornflower Blue

Feb 27, 2008
This sounds very intriguing and exciting doesn't it?!! Wonder what's afoot? A trip to Paris, a personalised bag perhaps? Whatever it is, I hope it includes everybody outside the States as well - not that I have a vested interest or anything.....:whistle::nuts:!


Bag problem? Who me?
Jun 18, 2007
So Cal
OK....I've got my attention!!! Will patiently await the unveiling of said surprise!


Feb 13, 2008
New York
^well I for one hope that it's not the space trip :roflmfao:
However, I do like the sound of Paris or the personlized BE- But then again I'm easy to please lol


Dec 14, 2006
West Michigan
I've noticed this same interview with several other designers in the other forums....hmmm but unfortunately nothing has been revealed anywhere:shrugs: else either.