Belen Echandia Sale!!! 6/12-6/15

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  1. Hello All,
    Jackie just sent me an email regarding their sale:

    I know that you recently bought a bag and you are probably not looking for another but as I promised, I just wanted to give you advance warning that the Belen Echandia 3-day sale will run on the website from Tuesday 12 June to Friday 15 June with 35% off all bags.
    I will send out a general newsletter shortly. You will see that we are giving customers/mailing list subscribers ONLY the chance to sign up to a waiting list for the bags they particularly want. Should those bag still be in stock on the day of the sale, they will be offered first on a first-come first-served basis.

    If you register at their website-they are taking waiting list orders! Good luck!
  2. "I know that you recently bought a bag and you are probably not looking for another" -- clearly she has no idea whom she's dealing with:smile:.

    One is never enough .
  3. Yes, we're bag addicted-it's true! :yes:
  4. It would be very hard to get a deal on these bags as they're not offered in many stores, so the discount is very generous if you are dying to have one of these bags. :yes:

    I'm so in love with my Take Me Anywhere - I can't recommend it enough!

  5. I second that statement! :tup: I even thought about one of the other styles in the petrol...
  6. Has anyone on the mailing list received their announcement yet? I've been on the list for months but I haven't received anything from Jackie yet about this sale.
  7. I would email her directly-she is so great about responding! I know they are out of the office until the 9th! Gone fishing... :smile:
  8. They have very nice bags!

    Is shipping high, since they are shipping from the UK?

  9. I really couldn't tell you-I just remember the total-sorry! Maybe Jade knows.:heart:
  10. [​IMG]

    Yeah, it cost me about 50 bucks Canadian for shipping.
    That was really painful.
  11. Then I feel your pain, Jade! But just think- they are getting 35% off that we didn't get! ;) Those lucky girls!
  12. Really great bag! I signed up to her site, but one problem for me is that it looks like a lot if not all of her bags are lined in silk. I am allergic to silk....drives my eyes nuts! Such a bummer!!

    Can't wait to see what you all get! I love the Take me anywwhere and the Take me away in that shiny chocolate color in the picture with the model!

  13. Jackie is so helpful and is making special order bags for people with silver instead of gold hardware-so if you email her, maybe it's possible for her to have yours lined in a different fabric-it's worth a shout out! :smile:
  14. Ooh, good idea, thank you, I'll do that!
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