Belen Echandia Purple lovers. What other style do you want to see in purple?

  1. I love the purple Love Me, but its not my favorite style:


    So, my understanding is - if we can get four people on board with the same color and style, we can do custom requests?

    Would anyone be interested in a purple, I'm Yours tote?

    Be Mine:

    Or Large Stroke Me?
  2. My vote would be the I'm yours tote. That would look nice in purple.
  3. I think the I'm Yours tote would look brilliant in Purple with silver hardware.

    I'd be tempted if I didn't love the Tan Python I'm Yours Mini.
  4. From what I've gathered, it sounds like the purple is a really popular color in the Love Me and LMM, so I wonder why she doesn't offer it in more styles. I would die happy, I think, with an Im Yours tote in that color, but maybe all the purple fans are just getting LMs
  5. i think the stroke me in purple would be awesome too!
  6. ^^

    I would lOVE a stroke me in purple!! i already asked Jackie and she said that if there is enough interest she may do it.
  7. What size of Stroke me would you guys want? Im thinking I would like a large.
  8. What's the size difference between a medium and a large, in inches please?