Belen Echandia: Pictures plus Chat!

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  1. Hi ladies -- Post your Belen Echandia pictures here. You are free to comment in this thread also. Take it away! :jammin:
  2. Like TejasMama...Belen Echandia Love Me in Dark Grey


  3. As requested in the Club House thread, posting my pictures here too!

    bag.jpg bag 1.jpg

    IMG_Pewter_bag.jpg IMG_3079_1.jpg

    Photo 5_1.jpg
  4. i had posted mine in a separate forum (.. hmmm i shouldn't have, if knew there was a separate "BE" picture thread...) so here i go again....(just a few from the original posts)

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  5. Thanks for starting this thread TropicalGal, it's nice to see all these pics. together.

    SHC - Love that pile of bags, makes me want to jump in!

    Here are mine:
    Petrol Love Me
    Wine Stroke Me
    Chocolate Stroke Me
    Chocolate Take Me Away

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  6. Anyone have some Indulge Me pics they'd like to add? Would love to see what this bag looks like on the inside and on if at all possible....
  7. Here's my Indulge Me in Dark Navy...the only one made in this color.
    So gorgeous.
  8. Wow, that's gorgeous! Someone else asked above and I'd also like to hear about where you would put your keys and cell phone in this bag for quick access (since there are no outside pockets).
  9. citychris, I'll assume you're talking to me. I put all my stuff "i need all the time" in the middle pocket so I can just "rip" the bag open and get what I need. That's my keys, cell phone, lip gloss, and sunglasses. The magnet closures provide security. The zip pulls give me a bit of a problem since they are not sturdy, but it can be remedied by putting little zip pulls on them.
  10. Yes, my question was for you and thanks for the info. about the middle pocket, that's really helpful. The pulls are tassels right? Could you say more about what you mean by them not being sturdy?
  11. bee-you-ti-ful!!
  12. Tropicalgal, looking forward to your pics.....
  13. Camera/computer troubles. I'll pm someone about it.
  14. OK ladies, we need to rally around and send some of our photos to Jackie at Belen! She is having a competition for women who have gotten her bags and she wants to have some fun with it. So...enter your favorite bag-or more than that- and let her know what your bag does for you! You can send only the bag, or yourself and the bag-have fun with it!!:angel:
  15. Bumping up for Sunday!:yes: