Belen Echandia Petrol bag Photos

  1. That is one fabulous bag!
  2. Yeah!! I love it!! Congratulations - it is beautiful! :smile:
  3. that's gorgeous! congrats on your new baby!
  4. Congrats and enjoy! It IS beautiful. However, for me, I just think it is too big. I am concerned that all my stuff would just bunch up down there. Let us know in a few weeks how you feel about the bag and its size and the findability of your stuff. Maybe I'm not a big, slouchy bag person...
  5. Jaw is dropped. I LOVE that color!
  6. Beautiful, congrats!
  7. Wow that is gorgeous! love that color. Yum!
  8. For those of you in the San Francisco area I received this note from Jackie if you want to see one IRL! :yes:

    I just wanted to tell you that we have a new stockist in San Francisco -
    just in case you have any friends in or near SF who would like to see
    the bags in person.

    See attached picture and below. The store is wonderful and has just the
    same kind of customer service focus you would love. The owner, Cindy, is

    "Muse Ten is located in the Fillmore neighborhood of San
    Francisco, which is a great destination for boutique shoppers. The store
    focuses on upscale handbags by up-and-coming independent designers whose
    products are high in quality and unique in styling. We strive to offer a
    selection that is different from what is available in standard
    department stores and retail chains. We will be launching a website soon
    ( ) so that people beyond San Francisco can check out
    what we have to offer."
  9. That Muse Ten store is dangerous. It's rainy here today, is that a good enough reason to skip work and go visit the Belen Echandia bags?
  10. That is a very pretty bag, love the lining, enjoy!
  11. Nice slide show!:smile:

  12. That would work for me!!! Especially if I needed to avoid the bridge between Oakland and SF!!:nuts:
  13. Thanks-the Photobucket site is free!
  14. Stunning bag. I have been toying with a Belen bag for a while but thought I would wait until I receive one of these exclusive member emails calling me to one of their sample sales.

    Is the leather shiny or is it from the camera flash?