Belen Echandia or VPL - What do you think??


Belen Echandia or VPL

  1. Belen Echandia Black Crash Love Me

  2. VPL Cabin Bag Black

  3. Neither trip my trigger

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  1. I'm in the market for a black bag. Most black bags bore me, but these both have caught my attention. Although, I haven't seen either IRL.

    The first is the Belen Echandia Love Me in Black Crash and the Second is VPL Cabin Bag in black.

    Your honest opinion is greatly appreciated.
    2007116183148703.jpg vplaa2003412867_prod_zoom_front.jpg
  2. Definitely the BE. Also the other bag seems harder to get in and out of and I don't really like the rolled leather things tying the bag together. Seems like a heavier bag too. The BE looks more chic and polished and pulled together. Definitely a sexy bag!

    I wanted to add I might just be biased because I've been wanting the black crash BE for the longest time! :smile:
  3. sorry i haven't seen them IRL either but from the pictures they are both very nice...
    the leather on the cabin bag seems really thick and soft...
  4. Hey I'm biased!!!! BE!!!!!
  5. I just got a black crash Love Me today and I totally love everything about it. I don't think you'd have any regrets going that route! It is simply tdf...
  6. BE definitely! Their bags and customer service are beyond compare! You will not see anyone with a bag similar to the Love Me in black crash. The leather/style of the VPL looks boring in comparison.

    Just my two cents!
  7. They both look good but I prefer the BE Love Me to the Cabin bag simply because the handles on the Cabin bag looks like it is too close together and I don't like the cinched look so much anymore, very 1980s.

    Apart from the design shoulder strap issues, BLACK CRASH ROCKS MY WORLD!!!
  8. yeah all us BE biased ladies will ofc say.....BE!
  9. I prefer the VPL (even though all I can think of when I hear/read the name is Visible Panty Line!), I think it's more original, interesting and fashion forward. :smile:
  10. The BE is gorgeous!
  11. Definitely the BE :yes:
  12. The BE is much more sexy, versatile and HOT!
  13. the BE for as an everyday, but VPL for collection. I'm not too crazy about the zipper/tassel/distressed leather design on the BE. It reminds me of the biker/80's. Balenciaga pulls this off well though! This bag is kind of generic looking in my opinion. So I guess it comes down to what you want the bag for. I'd get the VPL--fresh cut, well sculpted structure.
  14. Funny, I have been eyeing that VPL in brown, but it doesn't have any inside pockets except for detachable pouches, and I think that would be a pain.
  15. Voted and you know my vote - BE! But I wanted to add that the black crash is really amazing - the bag has so much color's just beautiful IRL